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Fiverr is promoting new sellers but not the old sellers

As far I have seen fiverr is now promoting new sellers and boosting their sales and they get sales in the first few months after they register . Whereas old seller are getting on the last page . I had no orders since 5-6 months. I have great knowledge of SEO and know how to rank fiverr gigs but still its on last page and my impressions dropped from 4-5k to 300-400 and I don’t get an single click on my gigs. I even dropped my prices a lot but didn’t got any result and had implemented all of the instructions and tips available at fiverr forum.

Your views on it ? And Need Your Help on this ! , thanks


Another thread on this? Seriously?

We’ve already explained hundreds of times why this happens.

Why not research before you post?

Why not seek to understand before crying victim? This is a business, not a charity. Fiverr supports their business objectives, not yours.


I agree.

There’s no real ranking anymore, just Fiverr removing gigs or pushing them back so others can get exposure. I don’t blame them. There has been a massive number of people coming here to make money online. As a platform, Fiverr needs to offer everyone exposure. Otherwise there would be just us, older sellers and no new seller would get exposure. I get it, this is bad for us, because we worked hard to help the platform grow, but the truth is that we need to adapt.

In the Articles and Blog posts category there were 19k people in January 2020, now there are 43k. So this has become a lot more competitive. All you need to do is to study the market and adapt the best way that you can.


I already did the research as I have mentioned. In all of threads it says , Improve images, title and lower the prices ! and I have done all of that


I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about your complaint of new sellers being given priority. There are literally hundreds of discussions here explaining why that is. It isn’t going to change and it’s useless to complain about it. Fiverr isn’t going to.change their business model to suit you.

If you aren’t making sales, maybe what you’re seelig has more sellers than buyers. That isn’t Fiverr’s fault.



The truth is that Fiverr’s business model works, and there has been a huge number of new sellers coming in due to the pandemic. When you signed up to the platform, you knew there will be a lot of competition. Well the Pandemic doubled or tripled that. We just need to adapt.

And as a side note, if someone would know a miraculous way to stay on the first page, why would they share it with a stranger and lose all that exposure and growth for themselves? …


If you can’t console anyone or can’t understand someone feelings and hardwork that they put in to this platform then you can’t understand anything.


I am just looking out for some greater help that how could I improve and get my sales back. I have applied all the ways mentioned on forum but still get no sales since 6 months. I dropped my prices, changed images, change description , changed title .


You don’t succeed in business by being coddled when you have an irrational complaint.

I am sympathetic to legitimate injustice. This isn’t it. You’re looking for a pity party because business isn’t accommodating what you want. It isn’t going to happen.

I support people who help themselves instead of crying foul because a business didn’t compromise itself to suit you.


None of those things dictate sales. Educate yourself on sales principles. Notice you never even mentioned competition.

Changing your image doesn’t change the fact that what you are selling is superfluous in your market and others appear more proficient and more professional than you are. Those three things are what affect sales and you don’t override them by changing your gig image.



…And what seems to be the problem? Fiverr can do whatever they want, it’s their platform, their business model. If they want to give new sellers a push, I don’t see anything wrong with that. We were all new at one point. :pineapple:


As I said earlier, if someone knew the recipe for sticking to the first page months on end, would they share it? Would you say to me what you did so I can get more sales? Obviously not, because this is a competitive marketplace.

What I recommend you to do is to study the market. See what best selling gigs have, how you can improve and what you can provide. Deliver something different when compared to your competitors.


Check this out: GIG Ranking issue answer finally provided by the CS

This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Agreed. We just need to adapt to the platform. And it’s not as hard as you might think.

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Thanks a lot for this .

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Haven’t you heard? Fiverr owes it to we longtime sellers to do what we want. It’s a charity for bringing us business (sarcasm)

No one succeeds in business with this entitled, irrational attitude.

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Kudos, Donnovan! :clap:t4: Speaking in general terms, a lot of Sellers set up their storefront on Fiverr and expect instant sales. It takes hard work :mechanical_arm: and dedication for any business to thrive.

@humanissocial Right, Fiverr gave us a platform to sell our services, no startup fees, etc. It’s up to each of us to decide how far we want to take it.

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Thanks a lot everyone for helping and sharing up the views, I will now surely implement more dedication.

Whatever, @nikavoice :unamused::roll_eyes: Hee, hee, hee! Jk, how U doin’ gf?!? :two_hearts: , G



I am celebrating 7 years of Fiverr work in a few days, so I’ve been here for more than half the time Fiverr has been alive. I’ve seen scammers, serious people, people that try to manipulate the system. At the end of the day, this platform managed to grow and continues to bring in new and great features. Sure, some we might not like or we don’t use them, but again, there are millions of sellers here.

So even if I don’t use buyer requests, I am sure millions of users enjoy those. Same with many other features.