Fiverr is purposely wasting our time


Fiverr is a complete waste of time. The seller was completely unresponsive for 5 days. On the day they were expected to deliver they tried to extended 2 more days. I did
not allow an extension but somehow the fiverr system forced it to happen (there is no way to stop it). Now today they tried to deliver 1 of 3 items and it looked like crap. He advertised “Make your simple photo into 3d portrait video” which is not what he sent. I’m completely disappointed with this idiot. I tried everything to be patient…but now I behind schedule and I still need to get the work done. We have wasted allot of time going back and forth with a complete unprofessional. Now they asked me to wait another 48 hours to allow this idiot time to approve my cancellation? WTF? You guys should be ashamed. This is garbage!


Sorry this happened to you!
I am curious what the level of seller it was?
Did this seller have many negative reviews?
How long have they been on fiverr?


Try to research how to work.
I hope you will be successful.


It is a pain when this kind of thing happens with a seller.
When buying on a deadline it is best to allow some time for hiccups until you have had some successful purchases with someone and established a relationship. If you need to work with a particular seller for whatever reason, consider paying for an extra fast delivery if available or alternatively contact the seller before purchase and ask if the deadline will be an issue. I tend to give a deadline of a day or two before I actually need it whenever possible.

As for [quote=“nation19, post:1, topic:105585”]
Fiverr is a complete waste of time.
You have used one seller out of approx 100,000. Maybe the seller you used is a waste of time but not the site.