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Fiverr is really doing a terrible job and just lost a valuable customer

I have spend many thousands of dollars on Fiverr going back more than 5 years. I posted a request today for a job I need do. Guess what , they didn’t even review the request instead they sent me a rude e-mail saying they would suspend my account for posting requests that “are promoting my service”. What a bunch of baloney. How does this request = Promoting my own services.

I am looking for a Unity Game developer to create a sample level for a video game I want to develop. I am going to be using this sample level to get backers for the full game development. I have the game concept and the artwork for the game and now I need someone to take the artwork, animate it and drop all the elements I have created into a level so that I can create a video that shows what the game look like and and some of the features. The game is about a surfer who is fighting an invasion of fish. The game will be top down similar to these: Crimsonland Trailer #1 - YouTube Tesla vs Lovecraft Release Trailer - YouTube So what you would need to do is: 1) take our concept art and make animated characters 2) Take the animations and make the first level of the game so we can demonstrate the game play. 3) Make cool promotional art animations that can be used in the video just like the example I provided. Here are some examples of the characters in the game.

SORRY FIVERR but I am taking my business to some of the other sites. You don’t deserve a customer like me.


That’s what’s really surprising.

What with the vulgar, se*ual, and outright criminal buyer requests that occassionaly get posted, I’m surprised Fiverr took any action and took down your post for supposedly being an advertisement.

One thing many sellers are clamoring for is a way to report prohibited buyer requests.

Well, good luck on your game.


This is the third thread I’ve seen recently where a BR was denied because the system somehow triggered that it was an ‘advertisement’. It might have been the YouTube video link that triggered it, as some people have discovered that including a link in a BR can generate a LOT of fake traffic. (Might have been the words, ‘sample’ or ‘backers’.)

I’m guessing you included some attachments? How many? If, IF you’re willing to give it a second chance, I would recommend putting the entire brief in a single PDF. (This will also let you keep the formatting for your three points. And you can include the character examples, as well as the YouTube URLs.)

State something like:

I am looking for a Unity Game developer to create a sample level for a video game I want to develop. Full brief in PDF.

Only semi-related, have you seen this video yet? I think points 11 and 13 might help with your BR scope.

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