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Fiverr is really down these days. No orders on fiverr, Why?


Hi every one, is this only me or anyone else also thinking that fiverr is really slow and down in this month in terms of orders. there were times i was not free even a single day. but now there is almost a month and no orders. My Fiverr friends are also saying the same. Is it true for you all and if yes, is there any particular reason for that. I would love to listen to your views and tips.


It’s not true. Maybe your gig impressions are going down.


Whats the reason for that? I was doing really good two months ago.


It’s really slow at the moment for a lot of sellers. Don’t worry I am sure it will pick up again.


I Hope so. Thank you.


saddu_writer is right. Thes days have some problem in Fiverr. I do not get the order in this month.


I am experiencing same issue here. It been days now, no order and is really giving me great concern. I hope fiverr work on this soon.


I dont think so fiverr can do anything for that.


Is really disturbing especially for those of us who take fiverr as fulltime job.


Don’t encourage them, they are spreading negativity unnecessarily.


Exactly, you are right.


I pray it get better soon.


Why are you so negative all of a sudden? A little encouragement can go a long way ;). Plus OP is not the only one experiencing slow days.


Yeah, January has been slow for me as well, but I don’t think it’s Fiverr’s fault, that’s the point I wanted to make. With such posts, some sellers want to give the impression that there is something wrong with Fiverr.


I didnt said anything like that. This forum is a community which can be used to ask anything if you need. and i did mention in my post that if there is something i am missing i will appreciate your tips etc. Also i replied to @robertclif saying fiverr cant do anything meaning its not fiverr’s fault.


I got you. I don’t think OP meant it the way you took it.


OKay, I apologize for getting you wrong.


Its okay, No need of that. As you are a brilliant TRS i would appreciate your valuable tips. :slight_smile:


I think december and january month are a vaccation month.most of people spent their money to buying




January 12

I think december and january month are a vaccation month.most of people
spent their money to buying

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