Fiverr is really irritating me! I feel like I am being singled out


I cannot edit any of my gigs (even the slightest bit) without them going into pending review and disappearing off search for at least 24hrs. My gigs are getting denied for NO GOOD REASON. I did not violate ANY TOS! Also, there are TONS of similar gigs that have even been on the FRONT PAGE and such!!! WTF!?

It has been one thing after the other and it’s really starting to irritate me!


I am just trying to get started on Fiverr and make a little MUCH NEEDED cash… but it seems like Fiverr does not want to give me a chance!


I am guessing it is for your review gigs that go into review for so long. Personally I know a lot of people have issues with those sometimes and they have even been deleted before too. Those kinds of gigs have words in them that shoots up a red flag for fiverr basically and makes them check it out to double make sure you aren’t doing anything illegal. If they are going into review and coming up it means there was nothing wrong but it would be another story if they deleted them entirely.


Hey Prohelper, this is perfectly normal to have a few of you gigs going into moderation as Dracosama said, because you have a gig that offers reviews, the fiver gig moderation team are really cracking down on these as they may violate third party terms and conditions. Its just a measure because you could upload a legitimate gig pass it for review and then change it to something that would violate the terms, I am sure this happens to most people who offer a similar service to you. I even had one of my trivial gigs go for moderation once, the mod team will be along and review it when they get round to you. If you need more information you could always head over to customer support and give one of those guys a message expressing your concerns.


it sounds reasonable to review gigs that are being edited, particularly if they already have reviews on them for exactly the reason @ozzieuk mentioned, scamming a credible service into something that is not.

There is nothing wrong with making an A/B test, using different gigs that are similar but worded a little differently to see which is more effective. If you’re wanting to fine tune, that is probably a better, faster and safer method than trying to go back and change copy on existing ones. Make another…kill the ones that aren’t as effective.

prohelper27 said: there are TONS of similar gigs that have even been on the FRONT PAGE and such

You said the magic words: "tons of similar gigs". As a developer myself, I'm thinking that they might have a script which tests for similarity and if it finds that there are already some other similar gigs it will automatically put yours in pending mode - because from what I remember from my discussions with the tech guys, gigs that are too similar are problematic ;)


Reply to @Woofy31: Yes, but the problem is they denied my gig because they claimed it had adult content when it didn’t. I offered photos “sexy” females holding up signs with their message. The females we’re fully clothed, no nudity whatsoever, they just had sexy outfits such as a sexy tight tank top and shorts or maybe a bikini. If you look on Fiverr, you will see tons of gigs with “sexy” females, writing on their bottoms or legs or such… or doing something in their bikini. So, why was mine denied for something like that when there have been many like my gig not denied, and on the front page or even featured!


Come on prohelper…You are smart enough to know that most web filters will be hit when you use the word SEXy. Anything having SEX in it will be a trigger. Be smart, use a thesaurus. Off the top of my head I could substitute anything in the place of SEXy. Beautiful women, Attractive women, Young women, Delightful women. I’ll bet none of those would get you in trouble.

Also, I personally abhor the use of the term “females” in relation to women. Are they animals? No…they are human women, so call them as such. Females is a term that should only be used for animals, not humans. Please do not corrupt any further what little is left of the English language.