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Fiverr is rejecting my tip gig


I see a lot of other sellers with tip gigs, I keep getting stalled because of “illegal characters”. Why is this not working for me?


Quite literally, it is the period. I’ve been here for all of 3 days and have had the same problem a couple times now.

Drop the period at the end and you are good to go.


It think that you can’t use dots ( . ) in your title. Try to remove it, it should work then.


Yip. No “illegal” characters unless they have been grandfathered in. (The basis of their illegality seems to be randomly chosen at best. Such is Fiverr!)


Reply to @kaitox: Yes, it’s the period!


Thanks everyone, I realized I put a period and I tried removing the period and it still says illegal!


contact fiverr support they are very helpful


Redo the gig without the period.


edit your tags :smiley:


Redo the gig without the period


Start over from scratch. That usually helps! :slight_smile:


try writing the word tip in all capital letters :slight_smile:


I had to start over two times, but it looks like this time it might have worked!


Nope, it’s just that period ( ‘.’ ) It took me quite a while to figure that out too. :slight_smile: It’s because Fiverr puts a ‘for $5’ at the end of your title, so if you have that period, it doesn’t make it flow.