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Fiverr is ruined day by day .. Author should be more aware of this fact


There is a lot of Seller who don’t know the ‘w’ of work but they are sending buyer request at random ,just copy and pest their proposal and these a lot of buyer request are faded away without some proper Seller’s offer. We aren’t being able to bid on the buyers offer . If we Can ,we found ourself at the last of the request . that makes More difficult to get work for new arrival seller.And also there is a lot of fake id . Hope fiverr should Take necessary steps about this .


If your offer is well written and precise and it comes in after the buyer sees 20 offers that are badly written or for the wrong service, you still have a strong chance. I use my Buyer Requests when things are slow and while I love to get in early, I have gotten an order from being number 15, 20 or even higher. Buyers often get 10 or more quotes/offers that are useless and don’t’ match what they asked for. Those sellers who waste the buyer’s time and there own time don’t make it easier, but you still have plenty of opportunity to out-do them. Get in there and fight to win the bid.


i always Write a new proposal for bid…but when i post that i found that after 25/30 bids. :frowning:


Everyone has the same chance to make offers. Fiverr just gives you a platform, it is all up to you to figure out how to get the attention of buyers.


Why not check my new topic about How to get response from Buyer requests!


will focus on that … hope that will work