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Fiverr is scam

I ordered a full responsive website for 260 dollar and I got nothing,after I request the fiverrteam that I was scammed by a seller they told me to send a message to the seller and if he not send me a message back
within 3,4 days the order will be cancelled,so I messaged the seller and he said to me that he would give me a website in two days,so I waited. After two days the seller blocked me
and I messaged again the fiverrteam about the problem and this time they told me that they couldnt help me and also that the seller doesnt exist anymore on fiverr! Wtf?!! I feel very very *******!!! by fiverr!

And this is not to make fiverr bad,I swear this is what my experience was with fiverr!!!

There were 2 bad parties: fiverr and the seller ‘*************’!

So, I’m not sure about where the communication between you and Customer Support might have been misunderstood but if the situation is as you described, it doesn’t just end with the seller being removed. When a user has to be banned from Fiverr like this seller probably was, the funds will revert back to you in the form of Fiverr credit. It might take a little time, but you will get it back.

Fiverr is not a company that sells services, it is just a platform for independent contractors, so it is important to use caution. This is true anytime you spend larger amounts of money online with a person you don’t know. The best thing you can do is look for a strong seller with many good reviews who advertises the same type of service. Contact them and explain your needs and make sure they can communicate with you well and provide what you need.

You might want to buy a small $5-10 milestone service just to start your project and see how it goes. Then you can use your returned funds to purchase what you wanted from a reputable seller and there are lots of them here. Some sellers are not the best choices, unfortunately. Fiverr itself is definitely not a scam, though, and they don’t keep your money if the order was cancelled due to an account being removed.

Well,they told me that they cant help me and the seller does not exist anymore,but he just blocked me,if I want to send a message then I see ‘this seller may not be contacted directly for privacy reasons’

And the weird thing was,after he ‘delivered’ the order I could not give any reviews at the time,I really wanted to give him a really bad review because I litterally didnt get anything,but it was not possible,so I emailed fiverrteam and they told me to message the seller and if he not response within 4 days the order will cancell automatically,the seller responded back in 2 days,but didnt resolve the problem in that week,so in totally we were a month forward for an order that he oromised to make it in 10 days,after that I complain again to fiverrteam and this time they told me that I am to late!!! Bye money! What about that?!!

If the seller delivered the order, do you click on “Request Modification” button? If yes, Fiverr won’t release your money to the seller until the seller delivered the things you needed.

The system will automatically mark it as “Completed” if you didn’t review the order by asking a modification within 3 days. After 14days, your money will release to the seller. If the seller withdrawn their money out from Fiverr, I don’t you can get back your money.

Lastly, Fiverr is not a “scam”, you and Fiver are the victim of a irresponsible seller.

Fiverr is not a scam. The seller maybe scam. But you should contact with support with proper proofs, Hope support will sure help you.

Well,fiverr said to me to wait a little bit and after I ‘waited’ fiverrteam told me that the opportunity to cancell was expired! Again bye money! I really was happy with a company as fiverr,the website I wanted costs here in the Netherlands about 2000 dollar I think,some stupid guy in pakistan or something told me to do that for 250 dollar and I believed him just because of fiverr,so this is what happened,that guy earned money,fiverr earned money,I lost money,me stupid,because I believed in Fiverr,thats it :slight_smile:

I have been hoping to find a really great website designer. I can find some lousy template and set it up myself.

puyenika you got nothing from the seller?

The crux of the problem here is not Fiverr. They will refund the buyer if what he says is how it happened.
The real problem here is the Buyer’s belief that he could get something for one tenth of the price that it is worth. Yes, buying things from someone in Asia can save you money. But not that much.
Any seller in Asia who has actually completed work for western buyers will be aware of the rates that are charged here, probably after one or two sales. They will then increase their price to something that is still a major saving (ie a 2000 site for 1000). If you are looking for a saving of 85%, you are taking a big gamble - if it pays off then great for you, but if not then it’s tough luck. Deal with it. You can’t get a refund if your Lottery ticket doesn’t win.
Simple as that.
Fiverr is a great platform for great savings but not every offer will be genuine. Do your homework, do a test order (not a free sample), and make your decision.
Don’t moan about your own mistakes or try to blame other people. Grow up.

@chrylent Fiverr’s reputation is based on the sellers ability. The more scams and fraud that continue to come to the surface, Fiverr’s reputation will continue to slide. So, in the end Fiverr and sellers go hand in hand. Of course, others may disagree.

Well said!
Anyone claiming to make a great five page site for a couple hundred dollars will set up a standard template for you, if that much.
Fiverr is not a scam, it’s a platform for buyers and sellers. There are many more great ones than bad ones.

I know the majority of sellers are not scammers. Most are capable hard working people who are consistently great at what they do on fiverr. We don’t hear about them on the forums since this is the complaining place.

I swear I got nothing! Just a blanco white page!

I just said 2000 dollar,maybe it costs 1500 and maby lesser

what do you worry about? You sound like someone that have shares in fiverr :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you worry about? You sound like someone that have shares in fiverr,this reply is ment to eoninfinnego or something

Fiverr is not a scam.

Oh yes it is! Like I said,fiverr is the one that said to me to wait and after I waited they told me that I was to late! :slight_smile: Ive got the emails :slight_smile: