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Fiverr is scamming me

$300+ from my account in Fiverr is lost… Nowhere to be found… Those orders for which money is lost were cleared back on June 19th, June 20th and so on… So It means its completely cleared as it has been 2 months…
I contacted Support They acknowledged that YES the money was lost… And they said they Will contact Technical Support to solve this issue…
It has been a month, I talk to them Daily, Daily they say They are waiting on so-called Technical Support… Now I am a Computer engineer I know it cannot possibly take 1 month to solve my problem… So they are just stalling and they have Scammed me out of $300+ … It was hard-earned money…

I turn to this forum to get me some justice… Please help.


Hello, sorry this happened to you! We can’t help unfortunately but I do trust fiverr to fix it eventually.


Do you honestly think that a company that has a monthly gross turnover of $15 million, would scam someone like you for $300?
This got to be the strangest rant on this forum. The technical team look over tens (if not hundreds) cases daily. Your turn will eventually come. If they acknowledge a bug, how can you call that a scam?


If those orders cleared back in June why did the money disappear now? Does it show in your earnings the money was taken out? And it’s not a cancellation or chargeback?


1 Month to fix a $300 problem for company with a turnover of $15 Million?
Is it a way to treat a new Customer? They just don’t bother… And About accepting their mistake… It took Whole Month of July, Daily 5 messages by me to them with proofs to explain that there was a Bug and my money was gone… They didn’t accept it for first 30 days… Even though I showed Screenshots with proofs… And now when they accepted it, It has taken another 30 Days for them to Even fix it… Didn’t Even reply my with something usefull like they are working on it or anything… They say Tech support is not responding to support Team so please wait… Thats a $15 Million company?

First I waited 15 Days for Clearence of Funds… Then it didn’t clear so I talked to support, They said to wait 5 more days… I waited… Then Status showed “Order Revenue” although it was 20 days… I contacted them again … They said they are looking into it… Then they said its there to clear my cache and check again… I did that… still no luck… I checked in my “Cleared Funds” section but money was not there… I checked in “Pending Clearence” section Money from june orders was not there too… I check in all sections… Those orders were not shown in any particular section but in “All Orders” they showed with status as “Order Revenue”… I sent all screenshots… they didn’t believe me… After 30 days of Fight and more than 5 Tickets they finally accepted that it was a bug… They said the forwarded the request to Tech Team… And since 1 month They daily say Tech Team is not responding to them so they cannot help me until they do…

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That’s not the point, The point is about respecting the Customer… Its us freelancers who made it a $15 million turnover company… At Least they can do is respect their customer enough to solve their problems.

Actually you are missing the point.
I mentioned that they look over hundreds of issues daily. And many other buyers/sellers are waiting for their turn, not just you. Man I am a TRS, and I once had a charge back of a $50 (as I remember) and it took them 1 month (almost) to return me the earnings. Be patient and don’t send them 5 messages daily, that’s so annoying.


Yeah I am waiting… And its not about 300 bucks… Its about the 2 months I have fought over this matter… I want to see it get fixed…

I hope you will get it fixed. Sooner or later. I mean, you’re life doesn’t depend on that $300 right?
If they saw the bug it will get fixed 100%.

Good luck.


Hopefully, It will be resolved soon.

I have never thought of my self as Fiverr’s customer. I look at Fiverr as more of a landlord that rents me space on their platform. The rent is 20% of my income. :wink:

Nevertheless, your situation is a reason for concern. However, contacting CS five times a day is a bit much. I mean, I would be afraid of them getting upset with me and being slow on purpose. :grimacing:


I’m sorry this happened to you, but I have no idea what anyone on the forum could do to help you. We’re buyers and sellers, not Fiverr employees, and I don’t think there are any Technical Support members on the forum.

The only thing that comes to my mind is politely asking CS for an update after 48 hours or so.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to ask to contact Technical Support directly?


Wait for tech support………nothing we can do…

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Whether $10 or $3milllion dollars, any money earned legitimately is hers. The bone of contention should be her presentation.

Feel so sorry about what happened with you :cry:

Yes , I think so man .