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Fiverr is sending out false notices?

So 4 days ago, I got a message saying I am now Level 2 - yay! (I’ve been Lvl 2 for the longest time then somehow got bumped to Lvl 1). So I started to put my gigs back to active but only 15 were allowed instead of 20. So I emailed support and they put me back to Level 1. What in the world?! Anyone experience this?

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That’s really odd.

I got a message when I unpaused two gigs, making it 6 gigs that are live instead of 4, saying I am trying to have too many gigs and need to pause one if I want that many!

I think they are all live now anyway but I haven’t checked search results.

Maybe a lingering side effect of this?

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You’re supposed to get 7 gigs for being a new seller.

I’m a top rated seller so should be able to have 30.

Oh, then that’s really messed-up! Did you get it fixed?

I wasn’t promoted twice, just got one notice. Hmm…

Yes, but you were retroactively demoted, meaning you were promoted beyond the level you were supposed to be at. That’s kind of a double promotion.

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This proves I should be Level 2 too.

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Did you respond to the customer support ticket putting you back to level 1 that you are supposed to be level 2, with the screenshot? It sounds like they misunderstood.


Did but no help. They keep saying I should be Lvl 1. Smh…

No, if that was the case, then I would be at the Seller level. I wasn’t double promoted. This is all too strange and support is not helping.

What I meant is that you were “double promoted”, and then demoted. Perhaps they thought they double promoted you, and that’s why they demoted you.

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