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Fiverr is serving the music industry


Lately, I have been a bigger buyer than seller and I am a musician/songwriter. I just released an album, but am recording a NEW album and I decided to use musicians and producers on Fiverr from as many countries as possible as well as some US states and Canadian provinces. I think I have purchased over 30 gig orders on Fiverr for musical talent and still have a long way to go.

Going well so far! Fiverr IS serving the music industry!



Thats cool that there are so many musicians here at fiverr. I have been getting some sales for my guitar related gigs too. It’s always great when something you love to do can be used to make money too.


The same for me with a little difference - I’m a musicians community manager at and invite you to join us to sell your items online :slight_smile:

Also, have tried to buy some gigs to get the marketplace populated a bit, but yet very low effect.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: This is an awesome video to get all of those people to sing Better Then Grey. Who organized this and how did they contact all those people?