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Fiverr is showing 3 ACTIVE requests but I can't see any. Check the screenshot

tilte say 3 requests are active but it is not showing a single. Is this some kind of bug?


I have the same kind of prob! I think it is just a glitch. I cannot find any reason to think there are actual requests waiting. Happens on both my app and my PC. (Now I just know if I see 1/3 then there is only that one request) I wish Fiverr would fix it though, it is annoying.


I didn’t face it before first time i am seeing this kind of problem.

I always found BR buggy.

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Yes, exactly. It is really annoying.
And mobile app showing the same thing :sob::sob:


It is an old glitch. I have been here since 2017 and have seen it many times. What I have noticed is that when it says for example 3, it will stay that way for a few days. Then all of a sudden 3 very old Buyer Requests will pop up.


Same issue I also faced in fiverr.

i aslo face this problem, if got any perfect solution, let you will talk me.