Fiverr is showing Captcha (Authentication Required)


When I open the fiverr site it shows me Authentication Required and ask to fill the captcha. I fill it and go ahead and check my messages and orders as usual. Oh but what I notice after a few minutes it again asking me to enter the captcha and say Authentication Required. I did not understand when I did it once then why I have to fill it again. I cleared cache and cookies but it didn’t work. Have any solution?


I’m not a robot .You have to tick. The CAPTCHA is exactly what you want. Then it will be okay


I tick it and fill captcha but after a few minutes I load the site and it show captcha again.


Are you using a software/a browser extension to appear as online at all times?


No. I don’t use anything like that.


I had it happen several times in a row once when I was refreshing the page a lot very fast trying to see how pages change each time I refresh them, so it might be due to changing or refreshing pages quickly.

It does sound like you are using a page refresh app.


I don’t use page refresh app. But I refresh page a lot to see new buyer requests.


Ok that must be it then.


you may enter on your fiverr account after filling captcha. But it is really boring and waste of time. It also happened with me, I told to internet provider about captcha problem. Then ithey fixed that. Now no captcha to fill up, I have seen.


@saeemhasan18 Thank you for your suggestion.


You are always welcome


Dont worry at all Rahim…

I guess you reside in Bangladesh like i do…
I faced the same problem few days ago
This basically happens if you use a shared an internet connection with shared IP.
(as you know the ip changes everytime) so websites like fiverr needs a security check
To avoid this problem permanently contact your ISP and get a real IP internet !
(i know its really irritating to complete this captcha again and again!
Hope you liked my solution
Have a nice day


@sayedussadat Thank you for your response,


@rahim_web welcome
Hope this helps you