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Fiverr is simply lost !?

Since April 2017, fiverr is changing its ranking/search placement algorithm. It’s being 15 months of constant changes.

Before this date, it was simple: better performance = better placement at the marketplace, at least at best selling page. So if you are good and improving yourself, you will have better chances, by having a better placement.

Nowadays there is no coherence for this. You can be a mediocre seller, and then suddenly have your gig placed on top of searches, just because this “amazing” algorithm which values randomness instead ture performance.

Again, this “awesome” algorithm is manipulating buyers to believe that these gigs with only 10 reviews are the best sellers in the whole marketplace, while those buyers with THOUSANDS of hard-worked reviews were just drag down many pages.

Every single day is becoming harder and harder to have a long ter relationship, as seller, with fiverr, because no matter how hard you work, how hard you dedicate yourself with fiverr, tomorrow, your deserved placement is just given to a mediocre gig for no apparently reason.

I’m still trying to understand how a 60 rates gig (over 6 months) is consider better than a 6000 rates gig (which get the same amount of reviews in 10 days).

"give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

Fiverr is giving a man a fish.


TODAY Fiverr is giving a man a fish. Before this, as better we performed, better placement we had, and better chances of getting new buyers too.


Another day, another doomsday prophet.

What makes another gig mediocre? What makes a seller mediocre and undeserving of being ranked highly?

You have five orders in your queue as we speak!


It’s just a comparison.

I’ve been almost 4 years at fiverr, and since 15 months fiverr is giving placement for low performed gigs, while their statement is “better performance = better placement”. Clearly it’s not true.

so why mediocre gigs?

There are gigs with more than 50.00 reviews. All of this wasn’t just given. I’m pretty sure it’s a result of hard work.But these gigs, which were on top, now were changed by a gig with just 22 reviews.

Do you really consider a 22 reviewed gig a best seller compared with a 50.000 reviewed gig?

yes, a 22 reviews is mediocre compared 50 thousand.

I was already a mediocre seller, and developed myself to become the actual best seller in my category. I never had a help. Just my hard work.

I have these orders in queue because yesterday. The ranking changed today. If it keeps like this, probably I’ll face ZERO orders in queue soon.

Placement is the best promotion you can have at fiverr marketplace. We used to get a good placement because our meritocracy, not because we “won the lottery”.

I really care about helping other people, like shy gigs/sellers, but not when it’s prejudicing someone else. There is no meaning doing good to A while your are doing bad with B.


I only have four orders right now. I used to have 14 on average. I guess I’ve rotated out of the loop. This is why I’ve taken on a new part time job in real life. Every time I see someone on here quit their real job, I cringe. Soon you learn you have some hungry months on this site. Thousands more sellers signing up each day. I recommend everyone have a back up plan ready!


Yes you are right, we know each other we are providing same services and first we both on the top first row and first page and we have high ratted seller, mine is 4K Plus completed order,
but now our place is take by only 50 Plus ratted seller how it is fair that we compare 4k plus review to 50 plus ratting ,
And we have fiverr seller since 2014 ,
So with new algorithm it is changes everything i do not know why,
So we are losing our gig position as well as did not get any order from new seller,
only i have few regular client so from them i get order ,


Yes you are right ,
I am MPhil Computer Science Student, and Fiverr is only my source of income and it is my regular jobs and i have no other source of income nor i am doing another jobs,
So now due to low sales it get me upset what to do now,


You are completely right.

But what I can’t understand is why fiverr does this? if this also prejudice fiverr site/company.

FIverr used to have a good reputation for top notch services delivered. Now it seems completely randomized. You have a 50/50 change to have a good/bad experience.

fiverr doesn’t seems to be worried about their buyers experience while manipulating search/ranking results to make them believe those are the best.

Also fiverr doesn’t seems to be worried about their sellers experience, while just giving their hard work result to someone else just arrived.

This is the only place I know you get prejudiced because doing a good job


same here. Just regular buyers.

It’s really hard to see our hard work done just be given to someone else. I’m trying to understand this.

IT’s impossible to maintain a high standard (being a doer, in other words) while everything you did to be the best is just given to someone else.

I repeat, fiverr seems to be the only place you get “demoted” by doing a good job.


Look, I hate Fverr handholding new sellers but you need to understand that with so many sellers it’s just not possible for newcomers to grow UNLESS they’re marketing geniuses.


completely agree.

but this dirty manipulation of best selling filter is just sick.

At least they could change BEST SELLING name, or delete this. Because it’s unfair with good sellers and also buyer.

Or maybe creating a new filter, like “sellers of the month”.

BUT NO!. fiverr prefer screw it all, instead developing a better marketplace.

It’s impossible to everybody grow at fiverr. Not just because the number of sellers, but also because the limitation of some sellers.

What disappoint me is the good and best sellers being consider the same as mediocre seller. You will never know who is good or not if you don’t let the sellers evolve by themselves.

If fiverr would know what they were doing, it wouldn’t be 15 months of constant changes at marketplace placement.


I am in the same situation for 4 years I was first in the top category in intro categories + 13k 5 * 5.0, now I’m over 29 - 45 reviews 4.8 and 4.9.


Fiverr’s algorithm is (or was; I’m not sure now) like a snowball effect…more orders bring you higher in placement at least for my gig…But once you’re at a certain level of orders in queue you are dropped lower.
What about for you guys? What’s your experience?


I wouldn’t mind if it was really this way. Better than unfairly being drag down in placement.

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Well if you’re so bummed out about fiverr, just have a separate website for your services, and run ads on google…it’s more work…but why not?

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I’m not complaining about having work or not. I’m talking about the marketplace itself. Only about fiverr, nothing else.

Fiverr states that (in a hard resume), better performance = better placement. If you contact fiverr CS, they will answer you this, but with other words. AND this is not what is happening at fiverr today.

I have some good regular buyers and I do a lot of self promotion outside fiverr, but what is bumming me is being unfairly drag down in ranking, obviously making me not able to get new sellers who directly come to fiverr as I used to, because the best spots in marketplace were given to random gigs, and not those who were performing well.

Also don’t use to think in short term. I prefer long term results. I’m pretty sure those who were doing great (due their hard work) would like to keep having a good relationship with fiverr in a long way. Not just momentarily.
Not only those who were performing well, but 99% of fiverr marketplace.

The best promotion is the fiverr marketplace ranking, and BEST SELLING spots are being given, instead deserved.


I think it resets in a certain time period though…for example the 6000 reviews gig might have more overall growth…but in the certain time period, the 60 review gig is getting more orders than the 6000 review gig…

I don’t think so.

Because I see gigs with 22 reviews in front of a 22k reviews gig (this second one get more than 22 reviews a day, while this other one gets this over 2 months)

Then I don’t know…

My opinion is that fiverr does this to give a chance for those sellers who keeps complaining they have no sales. If you see, most of these sellers have really amateur gigs, while competing with the best online service sellers in the world.

In other hand, doing this fiverr seems not to realize they are also prejudicing they own. By manipulating placements to make buyers believe that an amateur seller is the real best sellers, and in the end, their performance are low because a reason, and for some buyers, their first experience may be their last one too.

Of course there are many awesome sellers who can’t stand out because the high number of sellers, but giving placement to random gigs isn’t the way to do this. Is the laziest and most ineffective way only.

and I repeat, giving placement wont turn any seller into a good seller.


I want to see what @jonbaas has to say