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Fiverr is simply lost !?

Fiverr is not trolling the forums and writing down the names of those who complain, just so that they can “give them a chance” in the marketplace. That’s not how Fiverr works. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make seller’s successful. Fiverr freelancers are responsible for their own success – and they will ALWAYS be responsible for their own success, no matter how loudly they complain about it.

Veteran sellers earned our success through hard work, marketing, self-promotion and just being provably great sellers. New sellers are just going to have to the the same – on their own, just like everyone else. The Fiverr marketplace does not exist to make people successful, it exists to make profit for Fiverr. Great sellers that deliver great quality rise to the top, get noticed, and usually gain more sales. Complainers that don’t want to work hard for the success, can keep complaining from page 10.


You can do so by reading my comment above. :wink:

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I’ll just like to add to this specific point, if you’ve been a seller on Fiverr for at least a year and somehow hanven’t established a loyal base of buyers then you’re doing something wrong.

The majority of my orders, reviews and income come from Return Buyer and these buyers share my gig willingly with others which results in me getting MORE sales by default without Fiverr having to promote me.

Some even send me pictures of them actively promoting my services with requiring any incentive in return because they believe I can benefit their follower, firends or family - which i do.

The point is if you’re offering high quality services then you’ll get more sales.


Keep in mind that Fiverr promotes individual gigs through direct mail, newsletters, blog posts, ads and so much more. The site rankings aren’t the only thing that determines how much exposure Fiverr is getting you.


If you are not a fiverr customer service guy, you probably is like me. I believe it works one way, you believe it works another way.

The same reason I believe wouldn’t have a forum to people just chat and announce news.

Exactly. The reason I became the best seller in a category. But I’m not talking about this, but fiverr marketplace only.

Today (July 3rd 2018) is not like this. Take a look at fiverr marketplace and you will see that new/mediocre gigs are topping the best placements. So these low performed are on top. Better take a look first.

Again, the reason I became the best seller in a category.

Please Jon, you always come with the same talk, which in this case there is nothing to do with the reason of this post. I didn’t open this because having sales or not, but because the ridiculous ranking it became since today. By manipulating buyers to believe that low performed gigs are the best sellers at fiverr. It’s not go to me, to you, to anyone else, even fiverr itself.

I repeat, I’m not complaining about having orders or not, but because this ridiculous ranking at the moment. If fiverr wouldn’t be lost, they wouldn’t be changing placements every single month over 15 months now.


Keep in mind that Fiverr promotes individual gigs through direct mail, newsletters, blog posts, ads and so much more. The site rankings aren’t the only thing that determines how much exposure Fiverr is getting you.

Even though the site ranking does shift around it doesn’t change the fact that Fiverr is still actively promoting your services off-site.


This is an open forum, if you’re “TIRED” of @jonbaas making reasonable arguments then i’m “VERY TIRED” of constantly having to read whiny posts like this.


I am also a seller who earned a lot more before these changes,had more orders a day.
I was working 13h a day.
But I like to think this way,sellers with high quality work will stay,hence the ‘amateur’ ones will quit sooner or later.
Quality is the most important thing in every type of job.

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I know this. I receive these kind of mails too, for example.

But I will repeat. I’m not talking about promotions, but about fiverr marketplace ONLY. There is a difference.

Actually I’m not tired. it may not look like this, but I like to discuss with people. There is always something to lean, but in this case his comment there is nothing to do with this post. And since it’s an open forum I’m open to say this, right?

and I’ll repeat AGAIN: there is nothing to do with self promotion and orders, but about fiverr marketplace ONLY.

The only sellers who feel this impact are those who were on top and are being drag down, and those who were in the pages behind and then suddenly are on top of searches. Those in the middle probably didn’t noticed this.


I’m also a buyer, and everyday is becoming harder to find better gigs. But who matter with buyers opinion, right?

As I said in an earlier thread:

Seller has a bad month: This is Fiverr’s fault, they are screwing us, it’s going downhill.
Seller has a good month: This is 100% due to my quality and effort as a seller, I’m the best.


my best month (May 2018), my gig went from the top of ranking to the end of the second page.

I already made a research with new buyers (over 4 months), asking them how they got to me. 90% of them came to fiverr site and then research for a buyer.

From these 90%, half through keyword search, other half by browsing category rankings.

Only 10% came to fiverr due self promotions.

People think that fiverr is only about self promotion and etc, but it’s not. Most of new buyers come to fiverr and then look for their sellers, and “I’m fighting” because I want be fairly able to get these buyers.

AGAIN, the best promotion to a seller is their placement. If some day you get to the top (due to your performance, or by having lucky), you will understand what I’m talking about.

And like I said before, this best selling filter manipulation is misleading buyers to believe that low performed gigs are the real best sellers, while the true best sellers were hidden some pages behind.

By the way, if you research for a keyword (like VECTOR), you will see that the RELEVANCE results in search are different from BEST SELLING (search), but are similar with BEST SELLING at category ranking.


So 15 months have passed, I vaguely remember having a discussion with you about that way back then. It’s clear now and has been for at least a year, you can’t rely on Fiverr to give you sales, ranking, income, or anything else. While I simply had a different opinion to you 15 months ago, 15 months on I just can’t relate to you at all.
Why would you not change how you manage your business when it became clear that Fiverr was unreliable as a source of income/sales?

Besides, you go on about how someone with lots of reviews must be a great seller and those with few are mediocre - It is simply not the case. Some of the complaints we see here are about sellers with tens of thousands of reviews. Number of reviews has a little to do with quality of service but not as much as you seem to think.


To be honest, I’m getting a bit fed up of being described as ‘mediocre’ because I haven’t got squillions of reviews, repeat buyers, etc. etc.

Although it may not be aimed at me personally, the implication is that anyone who doesn’t have all of these things doesn’t deserve to have any success on Fiverr and shouldn’t actually be here at all.

Thinking of setting up a self-help group called ‘Fiverr Failures’. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry but you are wrong with your last sentence.
How does number of reviews have a little to do with quality.
For example if seller provides poor work he wont get to lets say 2000 reviews just like that.

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If you think Fiverr is giving anything away, then you must be lucky. This is a business site, not a charity site or an educational site. It’s possible to run a successful business on Fiverr and that’s been proven since the beginning. It hasn’t changed. It’s easy to fail as well.


If someone does 2000 $5 logos, they get 2000 reviews - it means they provided logos worth around $5.
If someone does 100 $100 logos, they get 100 reviews - it means they provided logos worth around $100.
Rob Janoff has 3 reviews. He created the Apple logo and many other top brands. His price is $10k.

Which of these 3 sellers would I be more likely to buy from for my own business?
Well, I couldn’t afford Janoff, so I would likely go for the guy with 100 reviews and definitely wouldn’t go for the $5 one.


You can still see who gives a quality product and who does not,no matter the price.
My point is,someone who does cheap work,or copypaste someone elses wont get to large amount of reviews.
Someone who has quality,will get to a large amount of reviews. For sure. So its not that reviews dont matter.
We went offtopic a bit I think hahaha

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Exactly. It’e being 15 months of having certain earnings, and then the next month just 50%. and then next being the best month and next the worst.

Before these 15 months I was just growing. A little each month but growing.

Honestly, I would prefer earning less than I earn at fiverr but being sure that my earnings will depend only on my performance, than earning more but depend on fiverr developing team mood.

Like I said before, I’m just seeking for a fair marketplace, nothing else. Giving placement to a seller won’t make them a good seller. They may have more sales, because the exposure, but these could also be bad sellers.

I’m sorry by the misunderstanding, but sometimes I don’t know how to express myself. When I sai mediocre, is only about a gig performance.
BEST SELLING should be used for best selling gigs. Beside this it’s only misleading buyers. And it’s only good for those sellers who were placed on top, not for those who “earned” the top placements.

Well, a gig with 22k reviews and 5 stars median seems for me to have a better quality than a gig with only 22 reviews and 5 stars. The first one proved to maintain the high standards over so many orders, while the second is a doubt yet.

I’ll repeat again, this is about the misleading buyers to believe that Best Selling are those low performed. If you ask right now to fiverr CS how placement works, they will answer the same answer as always (which it depends on gigs performance and etc), but right now it’s not like this.

When I go to an online market and I look for the best sellers, I want the best selling results, not random result.

The only filter that seems to work properly today is NEWEST ARRIVALS.

I’m just frustrated for being limited at fiverr marketplace. Like I said, I don’t mind people get helped, since it doesn’t prejudice someone else.

Maybe I’m a kind of fool for looking for fairness


as just explained to @eoinfinnegan. it’s about gigs performances only.

I change my gigs on a regular basis so the gigs themselves have very few reviews. As a seller, I have over 400, just not on those gigs.

Added - but I guess 400ish reviews just isn’t anywhere near enough to be classed as a successful seller amongst all of those with thousands of reviews, so I’ll take myself off and be ‘mediocre’ elsewhere. It’s funny how it’s the ‘successful’ ones who are complaining.

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@xuntes Congratulations! You Win!



Good quality on a $5 purchase is very different from good quality on a $100 product.
Anyway, I agree, we have gone a little O/T so lets leave it there :slight_smile: