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Fiverr is slow now a days? as the previous month i got alot of orders but in feb its slow

:anguished: :anguished:


It’s normal. Now a days I got 300-350 orders per month but in last month I got only 7 orders.

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Fiverr is not slow nowadays. It’s business as usual but for different sellers it’s a different income every month if you are just sitting and waiting for orders.


Yes, same thing is happening with me, but hope for the best.

Same here, last two month sell is down.


The business is down. Not many people want to purchase anything during these days, I suspect. Even I am not getting much BRs and no orders directly, of course…
Let’s see what comes up in March :slight_smile:

Be patient, this is very common for any business. Every time time same selling is not happen in other any business. Business means sometime go as like rocket and sometime tortoise.

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No it’s not slow provide good work,Kepp buyers happy,And keep share your gig every day on social media :slight_smile:

I had a huge spike and then a decrease

Absolutely this is an good idea.

I think is really slow. For me, it’s been terrible, these last two months have been the worst ones since 2017… :frowning: :frowning: I’m terribly worried

People need to realize that past earning projections are unreliable and change from month to month. January 2020 was the absolute best month I ever had during my Fiverr career. It would be silly for me to base the rest of the year off those numbers. Your earnings WILL vary and that’s the bottom line.

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