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what is happening? no, its not my isp - my connection is okay.

there order confirmation taking more than 3 days, mentioned 3 days on site or i have noticed more than 10 days, i’m waiting for my paymnts, bad service

I’ve noticed this too - for a few days now it’s very slow to browse the site.

There was a slow down last night that I experienced, but everything seems to be working fine now. Drop a line to customer support if you are still experiencing slowdowns

It’s very slow here in Thailand. I don’t why since the v. 2, everything is terribly slow!

Sometime it’s so annoying.

Every few days it becomes so sloooooow… it’s a little frustrating :frowning:

14 days is too long. Probably any marketplace would take 5-6 days for the funds to clear from the payment gateway and then to send out withdrawals another few days. So I think this is an issue Fiverr is facing too.