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Fiverr is stealing more than 20%?

I finished a job and instead of the 20% cut, they took 30% of the total amount…

this is sad

Update: It’s only a visual bug

Did you have extras on that order?

I asked for extra time, so I took 1 extra hour to deliver…

I don’t think it has something to do with timing.

I alread sent a ticket to support, it may be a bug… but if it is not, I’ll give up on fiverr… More than 20 would destroy my current orders. I mean, I calculated their price based on the 80/20 rule fiverr has. If they cut more than that I’ll be working for free

It could be just visual bug. Does it say same amount on earnings page?

YOU ARE RIGHT. What a relief. The earning page says it’s 24

OK. So it is a visual bug that is already reported to Fiverr.

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Maybe it was the first order of your buyer. @andreaszubaran

what do you mean the first order? How does it affect the order?

No sometime buyer get discount in her first order.