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Fiverr is strange sometimes

A few days ago I’ve got message from a person who asked to visit their website. Usually I mark these messages as spam ones - I care about my security and the only situation I may click the link if it leads to the buyer’s website, we discussed that before and I want to learn more about prefered style.

But the message I’ve got was like “Hello, dear, please check my website”. I marked it as spam message. But know what? My response rate is now 97%. How on the Earth is this possible? I decided not to write to the Fiverr support, it’s useless in this situation, but it’s so annoying! You let the sellers mark the spam messages as spam, so they don’t need to reply and then you ignore that and lower the response rate. Bravo.

I’ve double checked my inbox. There were no unanswered messages for the last week. So the only one which caused this shit was the spam one.


You can report the bug to Fiverr CS with a support ticket. Maybe they will fix it. They are more likely to run a fix on your account though (so the current response rate will be accurate) rather than fix the bug so that it doesn’t happen again.

Until Fiverr fixes the bug, if possible, reply to any spam messages before marking them as spam so it doesn’t affect your response rate.

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It should not decrease but did you check that you did reply all other messages on time and did not miss one

As I said in the start message - yes, I’ve double checked all my inbox. I reply to every single message in about 30-40 minutes (except buyers PMing me when I’m sleeping).

Then its a bug and you should report to Fiverr because why without any mistake you want your stats to go down.

I’m quite afraid to use Fiverr CS, they act so very strange sometimes. Usually I have very negative experience with them.

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This thing is not about order or something the will tell you to sort on compromize upon. So just contact them :slight_smile:

Well, I decided to contact CS, so I will let you know about their replies.


It can still be frustrating explaining the issue to CS though (with screenshots if poss). They’ll say that reporting the message as spam counts as a response etc. and you have to explain that that isn’t (or isn’t always) the case (politely), ie that there’s a bug where it doesn’t always do that.

eg. when I contacted them my response rate had dropped to 92% from 100% because of a spam message (I also attached a screenshot), they then said something like “I checked you account and it’s 100%”. They didn’t say they ran a fix but it seems like it. But despite them saying they would send the issue to the developers, it seems like it still isn’t fixed.


If the bug doesn’t get fixed, in the future, you can tell the potential buyer that, for security reasons, you don’t visit websites, and then mark the message as spam.

Or, you can tell the buyer that you don’t visit websites for security reasons, but they’re welcome to tell you exactly what they need, and you will do your best to help them. or something like that. And if they refuse to provide you with information and keep demanding that you visit a website, it’s definitely time to block them (and possibly report suspicious link).


Yes, it would be the best way to deal with that kind of messages. Thank you!

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You’re welcome!

We all get messages from spammers, and Fiverr being full of bugs so we have to find a way to work around them doesn’t exactly help productivity.


Fiverr could have an option to see which messages haven’t been responded to within the last 60 days (if any) and are or will negatively affect the response rate. If the message marked as spam (within 24 hours) or automatically flagged as spam appeared in that it would be easier to show CS to help fix the issue. It could also list when the message was flagged as spam to show if it was within 24 hours.

Or if there was an option to view a history (of dashboard/analytics stats) that showed the response rate on each day, it could also be easier to show it lowered because of that spam message.

Agreed. Usually unanswered messages have the clock icon nearby, but I don’t have one on any of the messages I’ve got, which means I didn’t miss any message.

This platform has a lot of things to improve, to be honest, but starting with the inbox and spam messages problems would be really great.


I always ask customer support to check my messages for any missed ones when that happens. Sometimes it’s just wrong, and they can reset it to the correct percentage.

I contacted customer support, so I hope to receive the answer soon. Hope it was just a mistake!

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UPD: Okay, I’m really surprised, because CS replied and told that after checking my profile, 100% response rate confirmed. Everything is fine now - both app and webpage shows 100% now. :smiley:

By the way, I calmed down when I saw CS agent I’ve talked to about year ago and I was extremely satisfied back then. The agent is still very responsive and reads the ticket carefully, can’t thank him enough for doing his job perfectly.


So they’ve fixed/recalculated the stats in the account but have they fixed the bug so it doesn’t happen again? Did they say they would pass the issue onto the developers - or did you ask them to (even though they said they’d pass it on a long time ago)?

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No information about bug being fixed or reported to developers. I’ve made the ticket into “Report a Bug” category, which means they should do something about it. I hope they will.