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Fiverr is such a PILL (Annoying and Dumb)! RANT

I’ve been on this platform since 2012. Mostly stellar ratings - I should be given a badge and HONORED as a top seller.
Below are my Fiverr ratings and why I was demoted. Sick of Fiverr & the STUPID robot.

Here’s what Fiverr sent:
Based on your recent activity, your account no longer meets the requirements for Level Two status.

The following was your performance at the end of the evaluation period (February 15, 2021 00:00 GMT):

  • Response Rate: 83%
  • Order Completion: 100%
  • On Time Delivery: 100%
  • Rating: 5.0

We have removed the Level Two badge from your account, along with the benefits that came with it.

If you have more than 10 Gigs, your most recent Gigs will be auto-paused within 48 hours, to meet the original account limitation of 10 Gigs. We recommend that you choose which Gigs you would like to suspend before the system does it automatically.

Our levels are based on performance. Your account will be evaluated on the 15th of each month, so you can always turn things around and re-earn the badge and benefits.

For some tips on how to do this, see [Getting Back on Track.](
Good luck,
The Fiverr Team

I have an excellent rating. I can’t always answer inquiries within a day. This platform pays me pennies. I can’t devout full-time attention. I have to WORK!


Fiverr demotes GREAT sellers and it’s stupid.
It gives me a headache.
Many of us are experiencing hardships during COVID.
Fiverr doesn’t care.
Did you notice my ratings? They are very good.
I answer inquiries within 24 hours. But Fiverr gives me an 83%.


Fiverr demoted you because you only responded to 83% of your inquiries within 24 hours. I don’t think responding within 24 hours is a big ask.

That being said, you can check if you missed a message in the spam folder of your inbox. Fiverr will sometimes incorrectly count those messages against your Response Rate if the messages have been marked as spam automatically by Fiverr themselves. If that is the case, you can contact CS in a calm manner with a screenshot proving that the message was automatically marked as spam.


You do know that Fiverr is not the only freelancing platform out there, right?

Just sayin.


No it is not.
There are lots of platforms to sell digital products and services (eBooks & eCourses)

Fiverr money earns me expensive coffee. It does NOT pay my bills.


To be honest, my response rate has never been under 100%. That’s definitely something you can keep at 100% without a problem, you just have to login once or twice a day. Since you committed to being a freelancer, that’s not a huge thing to ask.

For me, the tougher things are maintaining the order completion at 100%. I have either scammers, people that order the wrong thing and a variety of other reasons why I need to cancel orders. The same can be said about on-time delivery, there are lots of situations when you can be late, you are sick, the project took more time, etc. So I believe keeping the response rate at 100% is the simplest thing you can do. The others are harder…


I always respond within 24 hours. On a rare occasion, I might respond in two days. That’s because as you stated, messages don’t come to your email or it’s spam.

Fiverr keeps increasing rates for themselves but never have Gig owners received an increase on the percentage that Fiverr takes. During this time of COVID - Fiverr could help support gig owners. Like with your 'real" job. You get a raise.

Thanks for NOTHING Fiverr.

I hear that.

About 30% of my monthly income comes from Fiverr.

That’s why I don’t get twisted out of shape in how it works.

I’ve had difficulty this week with Fiverr CS on a different matter.

In the overall scheme of things, it doesn’t matter to me if they resolve the issue or not as I’ll still be here.

I barely get 10 impressions a day on my Gigs but I don’t give a rip on where I appear on search pages or my ranking according to Fiverr as I still get work here.

My point?

I feel for you.

But there’s bigger things to fret about than a response rate, click numbers, why there are so many newbies here asking the same two questions, why Fiverr does what it does and so on.

You are worth much more than that.

Don’t lose sight of your value.

Then put the rest of the issues into perspective and move on.

Good luck.


They are helping. They even had a Superbowl commercial with the idea of bringing sellers more clients. On top of that, I believe you’re missing the point of freelancing, it’s not a “real job”, and it always comes with risks. Then there’s also the fact a lot of new people entered the platform in 2020 due to the pandemic, so if you really want great results here, you need to be super competitive and invest a lot of time in optimizing gigs, promoting them and so on.

Well, Fiverr hired more people, they have larger expenses, and because of that, they did increase the overall rates. As for us, 20% is fair considering you’re not paying for ads or anything, you just have a gig and customers come to you. A lot of people here will back me up when I say that promoting your business, paying for ads and so on is always more than 20% of your earnings.


Hello. I usually respond within 24 hours.
I work from sunup to sundown trying to maintain my eBook & eCourse business to pay my bills.
I don’t earn enough from Fiverr to check the platform twice a day.
I check it daily.
It’s DEMORALIZING and stressful to get those STUPID emails

I treat customers

Thanks for your kind words looseink and I hope you get your CS issue resolved.

At one point I was getting 20,000 impression and now I’m getting a guesstimate of 300 impression per day.

Fiverr could give sellers a bigger percentage. They’ve increased what they charge buyers and also started selling advertising. You can now PAY for bigger.

Take the Joy Route.


You could charge more…


**Who watched the Super Bowl? **
There are sites where I am incredibly competitive and do well.
When I started on the platform in 2012 - I was a beast.

As a freelancer working for poorly paying freelance platforms (LIKE FIVERR) for over a decade. I estimate I gave away over 100K freelance services.

DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR ME. If I gave away so much in services, I’ve been rewarded with invaluable knowledge, lessons, DOs & DONTs that surpasses a costly college education.

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I just noticed your response time is 10 hours. That is why you have a 83% Response Rate. As others have pointed out checking in on your gig just twice a day will keep that stat up.

I also looked at your gig page and noticed that you say on your profile page that the image is not of you. I think it says in TOS that if you have a picture it must be of you. Otherwise you can use logos or images such as I have. Please do not be upset with me, I just thought I would give you a heads up soy will not get another :love_letter: from Fiverr.

Why would Fiverr give you a badge? You have been here 8 years and had a bit over 5 orders a month. That truly makes this statement true.


In the book templates gig, it’s possible you might get more orders if you disabled the live gallery. As it is it seems like someone could read the whole of what they’d get in the actual delivery just by viewing one of the things in the live gallery of that gig. If they can read the entire thing that way there might be less chance they’d buy the gig to read it.


to be honest it’s not such a big deal to respond in 24h … you don’t even need a pc/laptop to do this… the app works fine as well.


Fiverr is GREEDY and it’s terrible.

An impersonal robot rates you.

With 165,000 gigs just in logo design it would be a chore and a waste of money to have humans rating gigs.


Though humans decide on the formulas for the evaluation stats calc. They could make changes there. Maybe lower some requirements or base it on averages of a few stats (eg. the average of all the percentages can’t drop below x%), or take more things into account.

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I totally understand how you feed.
Same here unfortunately.
Evenhtough I have a top-rated badge and perfect stats, my gigs for some reason have been downgraded by the algorithm, not even eligible to be promoted.
Their platforms, their rules but I feel that at this point I am excelling at all the metrics they have in place just to be receiving less and less exposure.
It’s a sad, sad thing.