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Fiverr is such a PILL (Annoying and Dumb)! RANT

Sure, whatever you say.

As I really can’t be bothered engaging with you any further, I’ll delete the screenshots. Their purpose was simply to show you that you were sabotaging your own business, nothing more. I’ve absolutely no interest in ‘stealing’ your content. It’s a shame that your reaction to all of this has been to throw petty jabs at me and quit Fiverr, but that’s your prerogative.

Best of luck in whatever you choose to do now.


Jesus Christ, that’s sad to see.Also dropped from Lvl 2 to 0 with promoted gigs and in the business client progamm and not able to get it any levels back for 3 months now as I can’t recover my response rate, because traffic dropped so hard. (was busy and prioritzed well-paid jobs) Was also close to top rated seller. Anyways, Fiverr is a waste of time. You can work 1 day as a retoucher in the real world and earn more than 10 people combined are willing to pay here. I just use it now when I’m bored and have nothing else to do.


Don’t give up.

These percentages last just for 2 months. You can easily get back if you receive orders. I mean, I did struggle for 2 months, but things got better after that. Install the app on your phone and allow it to send notifications. This way you can have a fast response rate.


Fiverr is freelancing, not a 9 to 5 job with benefits. If you want a “raise”, you give yourself a raise by raising your Gig prices. Simple enough.

Also, if you had answered your messages within 24 hours, you would not have an 83% response rate. You have 24 hours from the time someone sends you the first message to get back to them. Yes, everyone is busy, life is stressful due to Covid or whatever else - but, if you have a smart phone, you can get the app and see when you have been messaged, answer them, even with a, “I will get back to you tomorrow or whenever, as I am not at my computer” to avoid your response rate tanking.

Then, what is the big deal? If this is just play money for you, it doesn’t make much sense that you are so outraged by your level demotion.

The good news is, getting your message response rate back to 90% is the easiest metric to fix. You will be back to Level 2 in no time.

Just realized she took her toys and left the building. She will probably be much happier on other platforms.

Also, is her pic Jane Curtain? (old Saturday Night Live not ready for prime time player) Looks like it.



I did like the debate skit between Jane and Dan Aykroyd, but primarily due to the scathing deadpan rapid delivery by Dan.

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I’m sure every one of us has had our personal grief with the stats system on Fiverr, it can be unfair. I learned very quickly to let it go and stop chewing my fingernails down to the bone. Sometimes CS will have things corrected if it’s through no fault of the seller, sometimes they won’t. But the response rate really is the easiest stat to maintain. If you know you have a period of time coming up when you can’t check messages, set your out of office and uncheck the box allowing new buyers to contact you. As for getting paid pennies, that’s on the seller, not Fiverr. I realised after about 2 months that if I continued charging $5 for my gig, I’d be exhausted and depressed, and I still know I’m too cheap. But hey - Fiverr gave me a platform and I make good money on here. It’s good to try to expand beyond one platform and source of income as a freelancer, otherwise things like stats can stress you out.

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Are you referring to their skit “Point/Counterpoint” during the SNL news update portion of the show. I will not repeat what Dan calls her when he disagrees with her as it may be too risque for the forum (we do have 13 year old sellers here), but, as a preteen watching that, it always made me giggle.


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Hi @congruentgraph

I was just wondering, more than a month later, are you getting the impressions and the business again here? I just wanted to check out your gig positions and they look fine, and the typography one is Fiverr’s Choice.

I truly hope you’re doing much better as it was a shock to see a Top Seller with such terrible impressions all of a sudden, despite peak performance.


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