Fiverr is super awesome


Hi Doers. Am Peter from Kenya. I just jioined Fiverr about 3 weeks ago and to be honest I did not expect it to work out as well as it has. At first it was hard to set up my gigs and optimize them as good as possible but i read helpful articles in the Fiverr Blog and Academy which made me more and more confident. I have to admit that Fiverr is the best freelancing platform I have used so far in terms of ease of getting work because so far i’ve made 3 sales and am enthusiastic that my sales will grow with continuous and aggressive marketing. Am very excited about future prospects and hope to grow my service offerings to great success here on Fiverr. I cant wait to serve my next buyer. Thank you Fiverr, you guys are surely super awesome. And thank you Fiverr support for responding to my needs so fast, i am very grateful for you


Peter, that’s lovely to hear! Glad you’re enjoying yourself as much as many of us do!

Good luck for the future :grinning:


Hi, Peter!

Kudos for reading the helpful articles, many just come here to complain or beg and don’t take the time to read. I agree Fiverr Support is amazing!

Have a successful Fiverr journey! :relaxed:


Thanks Nikavoice. I look forward to the journey



All the best for your FIVERR journey. Hope you will get more orders and earn more. I wish you all the best.


Knowledge is power. You have the right attitude to be successful on Fiverr. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile: