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Fiverr is systematically moving serious warnings for new buyers to 'ranting pot'

Fiverr is systematically moving serious warning for buyers to ‘ranting pot’, so before placing your first order better read first what you can expect here.

Unfortunately they are less active when it comes to banning scammers and cheaters even when they are reported be different members.

Everything for the money!

If you are upset that your own post was moved, I will let our admins know so that they can evaluate why it was moved and perhaps give you some feedback.

As for the “SCAM WARNING, DON’T USE THIS SELLER” etc posts, you will see from the numerous ****'s that these posters haven’t posted a tip for any buyer. They have attempted to call out sellers (which is against the forum rules), often use foul language, and read like rants penned by people who seem like obsessed with making the whole world and its mad auntie are aware of how Fiverr is the worst place in the world. - For everything.

As then, for the forum Mod’s not being as active dealing with spam. Sorry, we are about 5 active people based in different time zones who don’t get paid and have things like eating, orders, sleep, and in general life things to attend to. In this case, you will just have to find a way to live with the horrendously poor forum as it is. - Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

I always read The Ranting Pot first. What’s wrong with putting things in The Ranting Pot?

Warnings such as you see on this forum do absolutely zero. They are usually a source of entertainment.

The only “serious warning” I’ve seen in the many years I’ve been here is the occasional alert to scam messages with dangerous links in them which are always prominently displayed.

It’s so very easy to get a refund on fiverr. This site is full of extremely happy, satisfied buyers.

Fiverr does not systematically move anything except spam, actually. Large amount of external spam are sometimes produced by bots and they hit the forums in the hundreds, so Fiverr dev has to constantly work to try to stay ahead of them and sometimes that still doesn’t work, since it’s very hard to stay ahead of programs that can generate posts in high numbers. Other than that, Fiverr staff have very little to do with the forum.

There are volunteers are the forum who are also sellers and they take their own valuable time to try to help manually remove spam that gets missed, They also move posts to other categories and it’s not always easy to decide which ones go where. Many of the “warnings” posted have forum rules violations in them (usernames posted or name-calling) or references to certain countries or ethnicity and those don’t belong in Tips. It is a courtesy to keep them on the forum somewhere, and more people probably read the Ranting Pot than the Tips for Buyers category just because they know that complaints and rants are often similar. They aren’t systematically moved, they are manually moved by these same volunteers that could be making money on their own gigs instead of helping on the forum.

I can’t imagine why you would think that these volunteers are doing something for money when they could be losing money spending time to help out. I think it’s very harsh to make accusations. You claim that these moves happen but that “they are less active when it comes to banning scammers and cheaters.” Admins/Mods don’t have the power or access to ban anyone from Fiverr. We are extremely active in banning forum spammers. I know each admin and moderator has spent sleepless hours banning spammers from the forum just to help the community. Only Customer Support can do more than that.

I don’t know what exactly you are so upset about, but please don’t take it out on people who are trying to help. I don’t see any sign that you have been banned from the forum. If you find that a post of yours has been moved you can contact Customer Support to ask about it and they can find out what happened. Other than that, if you have complaints about scammers you can also send those to Customer Support but the volunteer forum team can’t control what they decide. If you post something on the forum that gets moved or even removed, it isn’t personal. If you do plan to continue to bash Fiverr staff or the forum team, I would suggest you do it somewhere else.