Fiverr is taking service charge of $2 when i am buying from my earnings ..why?


Today i was ordering a $5 gig
And it charged me a service charge of $2

And when i cancelled it retyrned only $5

And again when i am reordering its asking for service charge again

Why fiverr is charging $2 when we purchase
This site is the worst
Charge from Buyer

I am still waiting for Fiverr’s response regarding this as well.

Tried ordering thru my shopping balance and yes they already charged a service fee for the shopping balance too (it sucks).

But when I received my delivered order, it was a fraud gig. Cancelled it and report it to Fiverr.

They returned the money on my balance “excluding” the service fee (worked that way ever since though) but I shouldn’t be charged again for the service fee when ordering another gig. That was my experience before.

But now, what frustrate me is when I order another gig, wallaahh, it charged me again a service fee. That was unbelievable and not right.

Contacted them and still waiting for a feedback.


They just want to make more money, like the airlines with their ridiculous fees. Welcome to Air Fiver, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


it should not be the case,

if you cancel a GIG if $5, you get $5 refund.

Since you already paid the service charge on $5, you should be able to buy again for the same $5, if you are buying the gig for $10 then you will be charged on $5 again


If fverr increase fee then no any buyer will order from fiverr gig they will go to another websites which are giving same services in cheap rate.


I was using Fiverr seller’s services from my earning before, with this new fee structure, I’d rather not. This is a principal issue.

1.That is money I have earned. And been taxed by Fiverr already, 20%.
2. I worked with payment processors, no one takes $2 for a $5 transaction. Especially when you are a big customer like Fiverr, offering hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. Normal rate is well below 0.5%, so about 2.5 cents per 5 dollars. (and that is expensive).
3. There is NO payment processing fee from a Fiverr balance. It’s within Fiverr. Banks never charge for in house transactions.
4. In case of a cancellation they are not giving it back? Well, guess what, credit card companies always return all charges in case of a refund. Yes, even their full commission.

I am just hoping they see their dashboards, and see this is not working. I am having less and less orders, and reading the forum I see others have similar issues.

Fiverr, I LOVE you, and I am angry FOR you! To learn from your mistakes and be able to reverse your mistakes.


Yes fogi i am also not getting any order i didn’t know what is the problem now the issue is fiverr fee. fiverr should return to take same fee method otherwise fiverr will loss both buyer and seller soon.


Exactly, and because we’re using our money to buy things instead of dealing with credit cards, paypal, etc, Fiverr isn’t paying a fee to process the transaction. So what possible justification can be for the fee other than squeezing us for more money?

Fiverr should be encouraging us to make purchases, this $2 fee does the opposite. Sellers who worked hard to earn their money aren’t eager to pay 40% more every time they make a $5 purchase.


Fiverr must have to learn to Real Market strategy. - example -
A company selling a Sampoo product in 100g bottle and that cost is 100 bucks at the same time - That company offer a pouch sampoo that cost is 5 bucks. So Labour Class people can use that company product easily.

Suppose - If that company do say - We are going in loss to that 5 bucks pouch product because there are high cartage Fee on that. So that company decided to charge extra 2 buck for the maintain cartage Fee. Which is ridiculous and No one will use that company product.
In the other ways - That small cost products do works like Demo of the product in the Market.


Yes you are right i have many regular client from 2014 and regularly purchased my services but when they increase the fees, then client ask me that Fiverr ask for extra fees so we do not offer more, so thy now left my services and i have decrease my sales from last month very badly, and my gig is also down day by day due to average sales,


That strategy is encouraging buyers to try to hire the services outside of the platform, which is something that gets sellers in the unpleasant situation to explain Fiverr TOS, and buyer feel ashamed, which is BAD for business.

Money can flow, but you have to think it carefully, as the risks involved in implementing a wrong approach can be too high. But also, they may want to develop a more mature platform, with increased prices (which, by the way, gives more benefits). However, I would try other paths to achieve that.


Well, at least the people that order just to get free work by requesting a refund at the end, wouldn’t quite like this. I assume that the OP actually, did request a lot of cancellations as he learned this fact.


Nice point! I think I understand more the reasons behind this movement and why Fiverr is doing that.


Sad reality. Got a response from Fiverr support.

They don’t care anymore. Not only that you have to pay a service fee from your personal shopping balance or your earned balance but you also need to pay as well again the service fee when you cancelled an order and order a new gig. They won’t refund the service fee from a cancelled order and worse you now need to pay again the service fee from finding and purchasing a new gig of same price.


I guess probably, buyers should probably start vetting their sellers in a better way. Once that is done, this thing with the fee would be no problem.

I mean, if you were now in the shoes of a seller, this is a great thing, as it would stop the scammers. This is a public forum, I can’t talk much about them, from where they are and so on but there is always the same pattern. What they do is always ask for a cancellation at the end of the delivery. This fee would make those people think twice, as they would lose money anyways.

This fee might bring us #TheEndOfTheDears.

EDIT: I know what you wanted to say, there are a lot of bad sellers, that ruin the reputation on this site, and therefore they deliver bad work, for which you would like a refund, and I get it. I understand the anger of the buyers too.


Yeah, exactly.

But what you mentioned earlier is a one sided thought.


Today I bought something on Fiverr. I paid $15 plus a $2 fee, even though I had $95 in my balance.

Will they charge me another $2 if I give this seller a tip?

I hope Fiverr realizes these fees discourage me from placing orders. If it wasn’t a project for family, a project where I need help because it’s for someone I care about and need a second opinion, I wouldn’t have made my purchase.


Yes, they will add another $2 onto the tip.

I left a lovely Seller a tip (today) but didn’t mind paying the extra, it was worth it.


I believe they will charge $2 even with the tip. I had a buyer who enjoys leaving tips after completed work message me that she noticed the price increase also applied for even tips as well.


I don’t know if I’m making enough money to give a tip. This month has been terrible, why should I reward Fiverr with more fees?

Fees discourage business! Some people hate low cost airlines because they’re full of fees.

“Oh? You want to check a bag? That’s gonna be $100.”

This $2 fee leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Like those bars where you have to pay a cover to enter so you’re losing money before you start drinking.