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Fiverr is the Best place to start Online Business [ARCHIVED]

  1. It is a simple plan

    Actually fiverr has very simple business model which can understand by any one easily. You can just join with the site and start to sell your own services. Nothing to be worry nothing to learn just gather experience while you are working. So it is easy for newbie to start there online business easily at 0 cost most of the time.

  2. It is FREE

    Joining to fiverr is totally free and starting ti sell services is also free. They charge very little amount only once you receive orders and start to make money with the site.

  3. Any one can get a chance

    Not only like in most of other sites fiverr has its own procedure of taking gigs to home page. Most of the time to the best of my knowledge any one who start to sell here get at least one order. If they perform well they will able to get ratings and eventually they will able to develop the service. most other sites there is rare chance to get work at competitive environment. Only rated fellows get the chance

  4. Customer Support

    Friendly customer support will solve all the problems of new members and they will help you to develop your place on fiverr not only that senior members will help you with there experience here on forum

  5. Any service can offer here

    Not only computer related things you can sell physical products as well. Funny, unique services are also here on fiverr so there is some service which anyone can offer. Not only technical gigs so many other gigs are here on fiverr. Dancing acting singing announcing holding signs and some gigs and services can offer exclusively on fiverr


Fiverr is best place to start work because there you will able to give service what you know… So easily you can get success here from the beginning stage…

Your title is currently very confusing. I’m not too sure about the post in general, but could you at least edit the title to read what you meant to say?

Customer Support is horrible!