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Why I love Fiverr?

I live in Bangladesh, Bangladesh is a developing country. A child of a middle class family like me has to face many adversities. My studies stopped 1 year ago due to financial problems of my family. Since Bangladesh is a development country, it is very difficult to get a job here.

But now i start again my study for fiverr Career . After that I started looking for a job online with a lot of thought. I try to work in many marketplaces but I don’t have any success. According to a friend of mine, I opened an account on Fiverr and started published my service gigs. I really surprised i got my first order in only 3 days after my first gig published. After I got my first order on Fiverr, I regained my self-confidence. It’s been about 5 months since I started working on fiverr and I’m thinking of resuming my studies. Currently I am a Level 1 seller in Fiverr.

So my advice to those who are new is to keep in mind that fiverr will never disappoint you. So work well by maintaining the Fiverr Rules and success will come. Thanks Fiverr team a lot of love. And I hope fiverr will one day be the biggest company in the world.

There are many experts in this forum. I want some more ideas from them on how to do something better.


Following the rules doesn’t make one successful. People don’t buy from you because you followed rules.

One becomes successful by creating something with high demand and low competition that is highly credible.


Alright… Here’s some advice for how you can become a better seller:


Wow, your post is very helpful.


Thank you for your suggestion


Hello.I am new in fiverr.Your post is really helpful for me.Thank You.