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Fiverr is the worst place for Buyers! My experience

I came to Fiverr for some professional work which was urgently needed.
I contacted some vendors, asked for previous samples of their work and clearly asked if they understand what I wanted. At the end of the day, I placed an order with the one who sounded convincing enough.

Unfortunately, the vendor just went online and copy pasted random article from the internet. In my ignorance, I thanked him for the fast delivery but was careful enough not to mark the order as a “completed order.” The whole article was disjointed and does not relate to the company I asked him to write on.

When I asked for the First revision, he used an online tool to spin the document, making it harder to read and comprehend, if you are familiar with this online spinning software you will understand what I am saying better. After several attempt, I contacted the support that I need to cancel the order since their PROFESSIONAL vendor is worst than my amateur.

The vendor is not willing to cancel the order, citing the fact that I have already “praised” him, I don’t quiet understand when complement become a yardstick for defending fraud.

I am angry, frustrated and stranded because since I reported the case to Fiverr support, they are yet to respond and I need to get the work done urgently.

I really wanted to attach the whole document here but I am not allowed to do that. Kindly read through the attached image and see why I may never use Fiverr again.

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I am sorry that this happened to you. But it has happened to many and it will continue to happen.

Fiverr is trying to give “little” people opportunity to make some income online. The ground foundation is that those “little” people use Fiverr to sell something from the skills they already have or develop skill and then sell that here.

But, even if that is the hope of the founder, the world is filled with humans who have no intention of being honest and trustworthy, and to actually work to gain skill or work to be paid.

They want money with zero effort on their end.

If you combine them with ignorant people who can not tell the difference between quality and garbage, and the inability to use the internet to research did they receive equality or garbage - voila- you have the world of freelancing today.

You did your best to find seller who is honest and actually capable in delivering what is listed in her/his description.

Unfortunately, you failed this time. I hope CS will refund you your money so you are safe on that end but yes, losing time and wasted effort is a problem.

Right now I have an order in line from the seller with 1000 5* reviews. The files she sent me are… honestly I do not know what to say.

The design is here and creativity is on a galaxy far far away.

How come this seller is this successful? Because you have 1000 people who saw gradient in three shades for the first time in their life and they believe that is the best thing in the universe they have ever seen, produced exclusively for them.

Fiverr is good for this part “professional” but not for this part “urgently”.
Fiverr gets its benefits to you as a buyer once you purchased a lot of tiny orders from here and there and by doing this you find out the secret gems hiding in the 180000 crowds of sellers. And once you find them stick with them until they start failing or treating you as a piggy bank.


I recently created a post regarding the recommendations. And i believe if all of those are implemented, potential buyers wont have a problem. But Fiverr doesnt listen and there is nothing we can do about it.

Thank you for taking your time to elucidate on the modus operandi of Fiverr, but the word “urgent” should not be misinterpreted here as “immediately” the vendor has 48hrs for 1000 word counts article. I actually gave him 3 days but he told me he can finish it within 2 days. I used “urgent” because now I am stranded and I need help!

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And you are considering this from your end thinking you are the only client he has on a hook. Most of the time people without skills have to set their hooks all over the internet so between you he is joggling with 5 other freelance websites and who knows how many clients at the same time making sure his VPN profile is ON making sure it says he is Here while in reality he is There.

Trust me, I am on your side. But there is nothing you can do about him at this point. I joined Fiverr as a buyer in 2017 and lost 400$ on nothing, actual nothing. And when I asked for refund the begging commenced. We are dying, no food, no house, flood, earthquake, meteor just crashed in my backyard and destroyed my Wi-Fi antenna I use to steal internet from my neighbor … etc. etc.

I actually for three years was completely convinced Fiverr is one big scam scheme.


Humm a shame that is indeed.
However I wouldn’t taint all sellers as some like myself are fully trained and have years of experience.

I use fiverr as an additional income source or a place to find legitimate work and actually help people.

I can speak for everyone here, But indeed there are lots of what I would call “Hopers” Users who actually don’t have the true skills or talent. And are actually not really able to deliver Quality or professional work.

But you can actually spot them a mile off.
Pay good attention to there profile, and gig description text. Half the time the grammar and spelling is not even correct.
So this displays non-professional all over.

I am new here also, however I have seen lots of poor gig’s and quite clearly non experienced sellers.

Im sorry this happened to you, and I would also agree there are better places to find good professional sellers. But this will be at the professional rate!

Hence Fiverr is not that way inclined as it allows pretty much anyone to sell or provide gigs.
Thats the idea in the first place.

Best of luck with that one!
I do know professionals in most avenues.
and will stick to them for service I use or would like.
Cheers my 10c worth Nico