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Fiverr is unfair to new sellers. How to survive?

Hi Fiverr community. Hope you all are doing fine. I am a Web developer trying to establish my business on Fiverr. However I couldn’t been able to receive a single order. Let’s forget about orders, I have not been given chance to send at least buyer request. Not a single buyer request been showed since I have created my account. I have tried to optimize my gigs. But no avail. To all experts out there, can you kindly check my gigs and let me know where I am doing wrong. Your precious suggestions would be highly appreciated.


When did you create your account?

I think when you will get first order from your buyers then all of your sorrows and negative thinking will escape from your patient and try hard everyday I think your problems will solve.after trying about one and half months I got an order from my please try hard and sent offer to your customers.

There you go. Not only are you incredibly new, but you don’t offer a single 5$ gig, which means that clients, who come to Fiverr mainly for cheaper orders (or credible sellers) are going to pass you up, as you have no reviews or anything yet.

I don’t see how “Fiverr is unfair” at all based on the information received. The buyers requests should have more orders in it within the week I would think.

In the start of February 2018.

I would think, if you’re treating your gigs as a business (and as a source of income), you would want thousands of orders – not just one. Do your gigs exist to make money and build your income? Or are you just trying to be social with any buyers that will pay attention to you?

Build your gigs and focus on order #1,000. Putting so much effort into just “your first order” shows that you’re not really interested in being a for-profit freelancer, you just want whatever money someone is willing to give you. That’s not a sustainable attitude to have as a freelancer.

Think like a businessman, not a beggar on the street holding out a tin cup. :wink:


Actually I am not new to Freelancing. Definitely not negative thinking but just looking for some help. May be I am doing something wrong. The thing that frustrating me is not showing a single buyer request. How can I get orders if i couldn’t given a chance to offer my services to potential buyers. BTW thanks for the moral support buddy.

Some things you should know about Fiverr:

  1. Most people will not spend more than 5$ on a new seller who has no reviews or anything. Once you get going, higher prices are great, but until then, you are just sitting there, hoping that someone will pretty much throw 126$ in the dark.

  2. Do you market? Social media, blogging, forums, etc. The more you can get your name out there without spamming, the more people will know of you. I personally enjoy blogging, as I can share my thoughts, as well as showcase my skills to potential clients. Maybe build a few websites?

  3. You may not be new to freelancing, but you are new to Fiverr. Pretend that you are starting from scratch, as that is exactly what you are doing.


First of all I am not a desperate seller. You exaggerate to a totally new level. I am not thinking like a beggar but a little bit frustrated by fiverr new policies. The purpose of posting it on fiver forums is to know where I am going wrong. I am new and don’t have any review yet. So I need to talk to someone who can order my gig. On Fiverr we all know that how much buyer request is important for starting and get going. Please don’t spread your precious knowledge if you don’t know the problem.

He was not even talking to you


Hi lucycodex thanks for your really precious suggestions. I will definitely work on that.

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Have patience. Yes, It’s a little tough time for beginner.

I think, I strongly disagree with this post. Work Hard and you’ll be successful. Don’t lose Hope :slight_smile: This Market is open for everyone.

So if I read your post title and it’s body, you are saying.

  1. I have no idea how to make sales.
  2. Please do it for me.
  3. 1+2 = Unfair.

Ok then…please proceed down the hall and ask for Mr. Baas.

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Buddy, as @lucycodex noted, the comment of mine that you are responding to wasn’t even directed at you. You’ll note that I was replying to @galaxy4862 . Unless you are galaxy4862, your righteous indignation appears to be ill-placed.


After reading your reply I think it is nothing but your overtalking.
Firstly In my comments I mentioned that “after trying about one and half months I got an order from my buyer” but in your reply you mentioned that "Putting so much effort into just “your first order” ".could you tell me please where I mentioned that It was my first order ??
Secondly In your reply you mentioned are you(me) just trying to be social with any buyers that will pay attention to you ? I will say in your reply that buyers have no time like you and mine that he/she will find out myself and tell me where are you? what are you doing ? I am looking to you.receive this order and start this job…
thirdly “Build your gigs and focus on order #1,000”…yes, I want to build my gigs and focus on order not #1000 I want to focus on #1000 more.pray for me That I can overcome this target more quickly.

Fourthly,In your reply you mentioned that “you just want whatever money someone is willing to give you”. as a professional freelancer like you I can not imagine that this type of non professional comments how you can mention?here you also a seller I am know much better than me that how much time and merits needs to income money from buyer? how you say that someone willing to give you?

Your last comments have broken my hearts how you said “Think like a businessman, not a beggar on the street holding out a tin cup.”.you are a professional , most popular and experienced freelancer in this know well how much difficult to survive in this market at the beginning level.I am also new. working hard everyday to overcome and get success.
@jonbaas please conversation like a professional with others sellers. "not a beggar on the street holding out a tin cup " this sentence is not gone with happy @jonbaas.
thank you

Hey be nice.

I’ve checked out Jon’s profile and gigs and looks like he is struggling to get orders these days as well. So I can confirm his advice is coming from experience. :wink::+1:

I never “overtalk”. Many new sellers just choose to under-listen.

Just because you don’t agree with me does not make me unprofessional.

I will, thank you.

Well, I don’t think I would consider having five current orders in my queue to be “struggling to get orders”. Especially since those five orders are not cheap $5 orders.

Great. Happy that business is picking up for you man. :+1: