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Fiverr is unjust

One of the buyer ordered two gigs, I delivered it and he sent good feedback already, all have done. but yesterday, I receive the msg that fiverr canceled the finished order, and take $12 back, I asked the buyer, he told me that his account was stoled, but I have sent the gigs, and gave him what he ordered, so I lose the money, this is really unjust.

you guys also pay attantion to this buyer, maybe he will lose money again

There are tons of unjust things on fiverr still their TERMS are written to benefit only the buyers :confused:

Reply to @mclabz: I submited a ticket over 30 hours, and no reply.

Reply to @palatin: don’t worry Fiverr Customer Support is good they will definitely reply back to you because they helped me in lot of situations

Reply to @mclabz:

3 days passed, still no answer

still no answer

@palatin Have you replied to the CS message with the ticket number you should’ve received? I know it’s an automated reply to your complaint, but try responding to it because the ticket number will show up on their end again each time you reply; ask if anyone is working on the problem or if they need more information. (And did you respond to the very first email you got from CS, confirming that you really did file a ticket & that the email address is correct? If you don’t click that confirmation link, they definitely won’t work on your problem because they’ll think you’ve given them the wrong contact info). Also I’ve heard people say they got responses when they Tweeted Fiverr or posted on the Fiverr FB page or sent a message to .

I think it’s unfair that this happened to you. On the other hand, if I had my credit card stolen, I wouldn’t want to be held responsible for the charges made by the thief.

Try to contact them through Twitter