Fiverr IS Very Difficult to Understand! Isn't it?


I Havn’t Take Any order yet I’m still Waiting


It took me a few seconds to find free versions of the logos you’re offering to design.

I don’t have a method of achieving guaranteed success on Fiverr, but one tip that has always served me well is not to sell something buyers can find for free in seconds.


I just Can Understand? What are you actually want to say?


The emphasized ‘IS’ makes it look like a statement, while the question mark suggest that it is you question.
What of the two is it?
See, you have to make sure to express yourself in a clear, understandable way. If you aren’t clear in the very first sentence people you come up with, people will not bother looking what you have to offer.

Another example. Is it a question or a statement? And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with being good in English, as the use of question marks is the same thing in every language around the globe.


She said you copied the logos in your gig off the internet and that’s bad.


mam its just an advertisement if IN SHA ALLAH i take any order i will do on my own


Your gig photo shows a logo that can be downloaded for free.

You should delete it and use a picture of a logo you created. Otherwise, it looks like you’re selling free templates for $10.


Don’t be copy cat!


You don’t have to convince us. It’s just… if a buyer sees that, they’re not going to be very motivated to buy from you.

Whereas, if you create your own great logo and use it as your gig pic, buyers will be excited to buy from you.


you are right but its just an advertisement post …Not only me most of us r using downloaded logos in his/her Advertisement


She is trying to help you by explaining that when a buyer sees something that you copied, you are a designer, you need to have your own design so a buyer can see your work.

How will a buyer know you really can design a logo?


i thinks that’s really a great idea .It will really help mee


This is why the next thing they do is complain on the forum that they don’t make any sales and that it’s everybody else’s fault.


This has given me my first laugh of the day. :smile:

It just seems so obvious that if you want people to hire you as a logo designer you design one to show people. :joy:


yeah you are right the new one On the Fiverr just copied the entire freelancers…to create there Gigs


This is the reason why so many people fail on Fiverr.
They have no idea of the importance of and how to market themselves, make their service appealing and not look like an unprofessional copyright infringer…


who give you first laugh of the day?


I think it will help. :slight_smile:

I know creating a gig is a pain. I had to mess around for ages creating writing samples. But it’s worth making your gig as attractive as possible and using your own work. It pays off in the long run.

Like you said, so many sellers are just using templates, so you have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


I think he needs to use this as profile pic to get business.



Is this your Daughter @newsmike