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Fiverr is vulnerable


I’m making this post, not because I want to waive the bat signal for potential scammers, but just as a warning to other sellers. I had a situation earlier this year with a scammer who kept coming back with new accounts after paypal chargeback. The guy is still around… this has to be like his 8th or maybe even 10th account. It pretty much lets me know that Fiverr has no way of keeping previously banned users from returning to the site.

Precautions I now take include adding content ID to work that is from a cancelled order so that I can track it down and send a DMCA claim. Fiverr has allowed people to do this at this point because they just cant help :woman_shrugging: I also am suspicious of new accounts (made in the same month) and have a discreet way of asking questions and feeling them out while getting the information about their order.

Whatever you all decide to do, I think it’s important for you all to have some level of protection you implement yourselves. However way you can minimize incidents, please do.


I think the baseline Fiverr uses to prevent this is IP and of course, it’s no secret that it’s possible to circumvent that. I would still encourage sellers to report every chargeback through the Support system. Fiverr accounting knows where there is a chargeback and there is some department that notifies you. Support would be better at keeping track of it if it happens repeatedly with the same person.

The second thing that typically prevents buyers from doing this many times over is more complex and it really isn’t a very common thing. A buyer has to use a new PayPal or other payment source for every new account. Most buyers don’t have the ability or they just won’t go to the trouble to do this, especially considering that it’s easy for them to get 100% banned from PayPal and Payoneer once they establish a trail. You may have a buyer that is really skilled at getting around it and really persistent, but luckily most people do not find it common past a second try. Good luck with your prevention efforts!