Fiverr is waste of time


I’m here on Fiverr from 2015 in logo design, and all money I have made is $2000. Now No orders yet. I have seen others buyers made more $10000 also from 2015


For selling your gig (service) what marketing approch do you follow? May be you need to work on your gig msrketing.


Yes, I make share every day on Twitter and Facebook, also I send 10 offers in buyer request. And why Fiverr don’t make ads for seller?


I am here from april 2017 in this 8 month I have made $12K+ so how you said Fiverr is waste of time? there are thousands of seller who worked here more than 12 hours in a day


Hi @designs_4u1! My Apologies, I’m not Agreed with Your Post, I believe that Fiverr is Great Online market Place for Talented Persons, :slight_smile:


Please, say me any tips


Please, say me any tips. And my work for logo design is good and I have 4 years experience and all clients happy with my designs. but I don’t know how I get more orders like you


yeah u r ri8,if we think its waste of time


i’m waiting you reply @sajedulshawon1 @adnankashif


I respect your opinion. But I beg to DISAGREE. FIVERR is WORTH IT OF OUR TIME. Fiverr has been a life-saver to lots of sellers here. Think of others first before making a hasty generalization. If you have low sales, then work on your marketing and don’t just leave it all to the site. Do your part as a DOER.



every day I have share my gig on Twitter and Facebook, also I have send 10 offer on buyer request. What I can do again?


@designs_4u1 research about how to do effective social media marketing, paid and non-paid ads :slight_smile:


I made all these tips and no order. I need your tips or this secret


All seller say share and send on buyer request, and don’t say the secret


I don’t have any tips for you however using good keywords may be helpful for you. Try to stay online maximum time you can( I have doubt as you said fiverr wasting your time :wink:)
and finally Do your best and be professional


Please Provide Quality Work on the Time, Share you Services on Social media, Different Blogs and Websites. Send Buyer Requests Daily bases with Good Content , Be honest with Good Behavior, Thank You