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Fiverr is working with it's business model

Fiverr is working with business model.

But as we see at the day end who is affected ?

Answer : Sellers.

They do their all best hard things for sellers to give quality :

They put : Hidden review , Rating , Ranking lower, verification , gig reviews etc.

Now they remove different fun gigs and other gigs.

But question what benefits they put for sellers ?

Note : This can be a good conversation.

Because I don’t know why people think about complex work and lower price can be doable in fiverr.

Not only for seller , but also fiverr should put some rules for buyers too.

Lets start our conversation.

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Here is my conversation:
Fiver can do whatever they like since it’s their website.

End of discussion.


Now they remove different fun gigs and other gigs.

What fun gigs have been removed?

Play by the rules and you’ll be okay.

As for rules for buyers. Not too sure if I were a buyer that I’d like rules if I’m spending my money.

~just my thoughts~

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It is their website , it is right. But still we can put our requirements.

Hear or ignore surely their matter. But as I remember, every corporation looks for his sellers and buyers both.

So if your ends like this. I can only feel sorry as you don’t think about sellers too.

Please read this.



Read this topic:
There are copies of CS answers + a message of the staff.


Thanks for responding guys. I’ll check that link out now.

Thank you for review about this.

But I think at least when you grow up with your new business model and ask for more experts.

So experts are not cheap always at least this information need to go to buyers :slight_smile:

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