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Fiverr isn't a magical place!

I have been seeing soooo many people on the forums asking why their gig isn’t selling, and not only that, but the way all these posts sound is almost like people expect just to create a gig and automatically start getting orders.


I started just last week, and I have gotten no orders as well. If you want orders they will not magically come to you! Please go out and get them. Go onto social media find groups that you are doing orders to engage with the audience, do buyer requests(if any show up lol).

But honestly, if you aren’t hitting up social media and trying to engage the audience that you are trying to get orders from then, you will not be getting any orders anytime soon. For example, I have been going onto twitter and searching for all Youtubers on #Youtuber to see if they need any thumbnails for their videos for one of my gigs.

Again Fiverr isn’t some magical place where the orders flow! You have to also put in the work on your own time and get your gigs out there to the audience you are targeting!

Also, when you ask for feedback on your gigs, please actually implement it, if you find it will help. I see many people as well asking for feedback and then doing nothing about it.

Anyway TLDR;
Fiverr isn’t a magic order generating, money-making machine. It would be best if you put in the HARD work of getting your gig into the eyes of your audience.


I agree, but I hope you didn’t promote yourself in a Facebook Group.

I did.

Haha why is that a bad thing?

Because that’s spamming.

People join groups for insights, not spam.

That’s not how you generate interest in your gig. If you share great insights, then people may check you and become a lead. They will not do that if you’re spamming.

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Oh yeah this group was solely for posting your Fiverr gig. So others post their gigs in there lol.

Figured for my “Create a Fiverr video gig” I could plop that in there and see if any other Fiverr posters needed a video for their gigs haha.

But yes I agree not to just join a group and instantly post your gigs.

Honestly, gigs that are solely for members to self-promote are a lost cause.

I don’t know who or why anyone would follow and engage with a group that’s just people posting their stuff. It’s like watching a tv channel that’s just commercials.


Yeah, groups that are just for that purpose don’t help much at all lol. But I had to try it :slight_smile:

It’s like advertising on a TV channel that’s full of other commercials, and only viewed by the people who made those commercials, who have absolutely no intention of doing anything other than posting more commercials.


Haha exactly. And at least commercials are entertaining! They have a story, not just a call-to-action and rhetoric about how great they are.

If those kinds of places were used by people who understand organic marketing, they’d probably be more interesting. I could get behind webinars, ebooks and other promotional resources because they teach me things and help me solve my problems.


thanks for the advice, I should probably get twitter.

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Totally should! Twitter is a great place and so is instagram!

What is this obsession with hitting social media?

Quick poll, how many of you have gotten orders WITHOUT hitting social media?


Fiverr isn’t a magical place!

NOW you tell me! :roll_eyes:


Not me lol then again I have yet to get a single order XD

Sorry I just recently joined or I would have done so sooner :frowning:

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We’re closing in on 1,000 orders, and aside from a few random Instagram posts when we first started (which weren’t even linking to our Fiverr profile), we’ve not advertised on social media at all.


I have a couple of profiles on social media but my sales don’t come from them. I have at least 10% or more word of mouth sales as far as I can tell.

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Sorry to hear that. Have you read any books about Fiverr? It’s shocking how many people sell on Fiverr but never read about it.

Good for you. I got 4,616 reviews, a few orders came from forum participation, but my Facebook Fiverr page only has 92 likes, and I don’t remember anyone ordering because they saw me on social media.

Most of my orders come from search and reputation.


I just started last week and didn’t really expect to get much just starting as a new seller at least that fast.

I have not read many books on Fiverr but I have watched multiple videos and read posts on the forum.

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Reading Fiverr books is important, specially ones that have been published in the last two years (Fiverr changes a lot, some gigs are no longer allowed). If you like eBooks, they’re cheap.

Books about gig ideas are awesome, one book had like 500 gig ideas, and some were really great. One of my gigs came from that book, and it’s my #1 gig.

My first month on Fiverr, I made $50, and was celebrating.