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Fiverr isn't just a $5 Site. Showcase your Average Selling Price

Thanks to Extras my Average selling price is way too good

I hope it will get much better with higher Order

Please feel free to share your Average Prices

Mine is "$18"

Thank you Fiverr

You are the Best (y)

Mine is $11.

Ooo. mine is $12

Mine is 25$

mine is 41 :slight_smile:

That’s impressive, but once again delivering a website in 24 hour can be really heavy and time consuming, so it’s understandable. Some things cannot be done cheap.
I started from 5$ as everyone else, I guess, but now I reject cheap orders to save time for something more tasty… so the value is growing gradually.

$14 for me. It’s encouraging to see some of these higher averages, and gives me more to aim for too. :smiley:

The buyers have been so good to me I appreciate them so much! My average selling price $16.
I am currently having an appreciation day on my account buy one get one free on all my advertisement gigs .

Thanks so much!

Mine is $18 :slight_smile:

Mine is 12$! :smiley:

Mine is 8$. I still have to work on my extras…

@ruslancer : sir I’m back with +2 up :smiley:
but my level stuck :’( some tos violation , what to do ?

mie is 23$

Reply to @emgarry: $12 is good within writing catagory

Reply to @ilovenish: It is awesome. Plus it will get better with time as i can see your sales are coming very good. 44 reviews in 1 or 2 month is awesome.

Reply to @iamjunaid: I completed 52 orders in 35 days :slight_smile:

Reply to @irfanisrael: This is Really Impressive

Reply to @ruslancer: Well done :slight_smile: Fiverr is a great place No Doubt

Reply to @ruslancer: I don’t think rejecting small orders is a good option. But i do have bad experience with some $5 guys. so Dont take $5 order unless he Place order without talking to me first.

Reply to @iamjunaid: it is when you have a very limited time for the fiverr and gotta save it for the real stuff. I guess, you dealt too with people who provide descriptions of what they want for 5$ so the time you spend just to read and understand it would cost more.
I do coding mostly from scratch and all this work is pretty heavy and time consuming, I’d say I don’t have simple and fast gigs to provide for now, but I want to create something… nothing good comes to mind yet.