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Fiverr isn't loading messages, notifications, etc

Is something wrong with the platform?

I can’t view my fiverr inbox or notifications or any orders etc.

I received email notifications though, that an order has been updated and a message has been received in fiverr inbox.
The page simply not loading those contents.

My internet connection is not a problem… as I am posting here without any issues.

Also when trying to use another browser:
I can’t even login as the login page is loading forever. Once it is loaded I enter my login info press login and the spinning wheel loads forever and never logs me in. Luckily I am at least logged in with my other browser.

I am having similar issue. I tried to use chrome incognito window. Messages and notifications are being displayed there but not in normal window. I don’t know what the problem is. I tried to delete all the cookies as well.

Delete cache of your browser (using Ccleaner). For me, it worked.