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Fiverr issue with sellers

Hi Friends, Hope you are all fine.
My question is that, why fiverr mostly support the buyers? and what i can do if a client get complete work, even a gig is completed, but in second phase of work, ( first phase is completed ) client threatening me that work more than requirements, else i will dispute and definitely fiverr will refund me as the first phase is not done. But first phase is done and he completed it, now he wants more work on the same gig, and wants the first phase payment also. Its not over, he said i can show them you conversation with me outside fiverr and i will spoil your profile also. This is not a fair. we just talk outside only for assistance. but he may cleverly cheat both fiverr and me.

I also cancelled a project ( that was cancelled by Fiverr ), and client has got all work, 99% work was done. and project was completed automatically. I was given all proofs even video. but cleverly client has removed the website and then shown to Fiverr that i did not work. But i have proofs.

What we can do in this situation please guide. thanks

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Yes you are right.
Every sellers want ask this same question.
But its clear because buyer invest there money and Fiverr don’t want hurt buyer.

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Contact Fiverr support with all of your issues with videos. Fiverr will definitely resolve this issue if you’re right.

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I know, but is that justice? we also did work, and spend time, its not fair thing from a reputed platform.
in this way. its easy to cheat Fiverr, a client comes, get a work of 1000$, and then create backup of site, remove site and contact to fiverr that seller did not work. and client get all money back. Is this a good way? We ( Seller ) are not human and not wanting money? Seriously Fiverr needs to think about it if they want to live in market. Can fiverr think about it?

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I have already contacted to support with all proofs, even videos, but they said if you again contact us with this topic, its mean you are spamming. its for previous project, and this new project, i can work.

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Fiverr always listen buyer.
You can not take any action.

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that’s not good. atleast if we done the work, they never do that.

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It’s up to you to know how to do this so that this doesn’t happen.

How does fiverr know the job was done? I don’t know how but others who do what you do have ways to make sure this doesn’t happen. I’ve seen it mentioned on the forum in the past.

Deliver all the files to them using the delivery button, as a first step. Tell them that installing the files is their job, unless you are paid separately for that.

Keep a working copy of the site on your own server.

I’m not an expert in this but I’ve seen this discussed by others who do websites, how to deliver the site.

I was have a copy, even i was recorded videos when i was working. still fiverr not accepted. I know fiverr don’t know work is done. but is it not a thing that a client comes, we do work, he gets all files, he save outside, and then cheat easily? what steps we do to prevent this type of fraud and cheater? is it enough we save all files on our own server and show to fiverr? is it all safe thing to prevent this? thanks

You can stop breaking the rules, for starters, and never communicate with clients outside of Fiverr unless you have the permission from Customer Support. If you need assistance, ask the client to talk to you via Fiverr. That way, the dishonest ones won’t be able to blackmail you (plus you won’t get banned from Fiverr for breaking the rules).

There is a way to do this. There have been discussions here. Maybe an expert will let you know.

If you talk outside of fiverr you can expect to have your entire account banned also.
The fact that you did that and thought it was OK makes me wonder about this entire thing.

Sharing off Fiverr contact is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Make sure to carefully read and abide by the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account.

Sir, i did not break any rule. i just clear all the thing. i just wanting to avoid this. why anyone not getting my point. i simply saying. any client can easily cheat the fiverr and also seller. and why fiverr is not supporting sellers. if cancelled the order, fiverr also gets money and buyer also gets money, but it spoils the seller. and this thing is wrong. i simply saying that, change the policy about it.

I did not, he just was friend, and i refer him to use fiverr. we all discuss about project only on fiverr. but he just say that for threatening you do my extra work else i will show it. he was my class fellow and we know before the fiverr. I am not breaking any rule. thanks

Guys, i just want to how prevent and stay safe from such buyers. thanks

He wasn’t your friend, apparently. Friends don’t do that.

Document (make screenshots of) everything (conversations, the delivery, the site that actually works, everything). If you read the forum, you will see that there re sellers who were given their money back once they sent the proof that the work was done as advertised.

And stop offering unlimited revisions. Fiverr tends to side with buyers who say that they haven’t received it all if the seller offers unlimited revisions. If you offer unlimited revisions, you have to keep working on the order and deliver whatever the buyer asks for, or you risk a cancellation (and that can happen even after the order was marked as complete).

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It’s not a nice situation, for sure. My area of expertise is different from yours, but I do content production to some clients. What I usually do is: if I have to insert articles at their platform I also send them the word files with the content through Fiverr, to proof that the job was done and delivered. I also take print screens everytime that I update something outside Fiverr. But I never, ever, update any platform without sending the files at Fiverr. I can also recommend you to have a very clear communication with all your buyers, explaining what is included and what is not. Oh, and don’t offer unlimited revisions, like @catwriter advised before.

For projects with several phases, you can use the milestone system and make an agreement with your buyer, so everyone knows exactly what will be delivered at each phase. Also, don’t start working at the next phase unless the buyer aproves the previous one. This will help you to keep safe and make sure that, at least, you will receive the payment for what is already done. Once again, communication is the key, here.

To know more about the milestones system, check here:

Thank you so much for this great tip.

Thanks alot for nice tips.

I would say, you made the opportunity for the buyer to cheat on you.

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