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Fiverr ? It's my dream

I am a new seller but I have dream one day I will top rated in Fiverr.
To successfully complete my dream I keep doing my work. I try to my best for hardworking. But I see many buyer knock me for there work but I can’t doing this. Because my skill is so low. How to improve my skill on wordpress? suggestion me.

maybe this can help you to get better with WordPress


How does anyone improve their skill? Practice, learn and experience. Work on more projects, push yourself and give it time.


thanks, i follow it’s

thanks brother :):star_struck:

Why? :slight_smile:
I think you should set higher goals that are not directly linked to a specific platform. If you want to be an independent WP consultant or a developer then set that as a goal.
I’m a consultant for digital solutions, but I don’t care if Fiverr or even WP exists in 10 years. I help businesses generate revenue/leads through digital solutions. Right now I mostly use WP because it’s by far the most popular CMS, but if another platform takes its place then I will adjust :slight_smile:

Do your market research? List 10 niche services that businesses need and out of those pick 1-2 to master. Most freelancers focus on a specific niche. Don’t try to become one of those “I’m expert of everything” freelancers.

For example, if you like building eCommerce solutions then go with that. Take a course or hire a mentor to teach you how to build an effective, user-friendly, easy to manage and secure eCommerce sites on WordPress. I can highly recommend WP Elevation myself.

If you want to start with something simpler then build websites for a specific market. For example, learn how to build real estate websites. Most real estate agencies have enough financial resources to pay you and there are plenty of agencies that have absolutely dreadful websites. A lot of them are not optimized for mobiles, but what do you think how many people look listings nowadays on mobiles?

Anyway, if you’re serious about it then do your homework and take the time to actually lean a specific skill.

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