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Fiverr Journey as a GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Hey, everyone. I joined fiverr about a month ago and after reading all your stories and experiencing the site a bit, I fell in love with the platform. For me, it’s extremely well organized and along with the gig extras, it can be a very good experience as a seller and as a buyer.

My name is Tomi, and I’m a 20 year old graphic designer from Romania. I first opened Photoshop at the age of 13, and it seemed that this was my career path since then. I joined fiverr just about a month ago, and I was very sceptic about it at the beginning. Until I got my first few orders. I had encountered some very personal issues and as a result, I delayed my orders (managed to satisfy all clients, they were all understanding, besides one that left me a negative review even though I explained my situation and offered him the free vectorial file of his logo which he liked).

Anyway, I fell in love with the platform and I feel more motivated than ever. If you want to check out my current gigs. Let me know how do you feel about the description / gig image / extras. Any tip would be appreciated.


Just got my first order on my Social Media gig I put up last night from a client using the logo I created some time ago for his business, and managed to get a personal record!

30 minutes and the client was satisfied. :smiley:

Waiting for my promotion to level 1!

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