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Fiverr Journey In a Nut shell

Hi Everyone

I wanted to share my experience on Fiverr with the community. I have been active here since April 2019 the month i got my first order although i registered my account way back when i was in my college days But was never active.

Before my first order i was also clueless on how should i get order or what should i do to get more reach. I constantly Updated my gig and tags and one day i got one order. I started very small my first client was amazing. Initially i worked really hard and took any work at any amount to gain experience and knowledge. My philosophy was to keep learning and growing.

Since then within a span of 7-8 months i got to level 2 at time it get hectic when you are getting a lot of order if you are in front page but you need to plan well .

It’s been a great Journey so far i am really thankful for Fiverr to provide such a great platform.

In the end i would like to give some suggestions :

  • Never Over-commit.
  • Avoid Cancellations.
  • Think well ahead before accepting an offer.
  • Client satisfaction should be your top priority.
  • Work Hard and Keep Learning.

I hope everyone enjoys their journey too .


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