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Fiverr Just Came with "Tip Your Seller"


Many sellers made a tip gig. We are a team of professional writers and We too had made a tip gig where we accepted tip. Not it will be easy for a buyer to leave a tip after we deliver them 30 pages excellent eBook which we write for just $5. We will decrease the no. of pages later on but till we gather reviews we are writing 30 pages for $5 and a tip will really help us in many ways.


Thanks @Madmoo for the link. It displays the feature better with an image. I really love you, you are the queen of the fiverr forum. You have also helped me many times on the forum with my questions a year back when I had joined.


Just got my first tip today on my 2nd week of selling

Fiverr rocks! :x

This is the gig