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Fiverr just canceled order


Fiverr just canceled a order without knowing that there was a bug in their service , the bug was that i never received any message that my buyer did , he sent me the logo and their tagline but i never been notified with email or by notify section.

Anybody has the same issue ?



@abzzzdesign contact fiverr CS


Yes after i did and no reply Fiverr is showing me the ATTENTION - ACCOUNT WARNING this is Fiverr fault not mine they also need to refund me the sum that i just lost.



What did you think he was sending the logo and tagline for? Did you get that how?
Where did you see that?


Yes dear misscrystal i knew it when Fiverr cancel the order but i never recieved a notification that the buyer sent me the logo and tagline just after Fiverr canceled the order than after i saw at the order page that the buyer sent the logo and tagline but never before the cancellation.
This is 100% Fiverr fault and they should take responsible for this , this could happend to me with $25 tomorrow again with $100 so we just look it and ignore it we should now who/s fault is that.

This is also bad for the Gig because it will be listed down if Fiverr cancel the order from that gig.


Okay in which section you think i should post this ?


You are fine.

The previous comment was NOT meant for you.


the same thing happens to my buyers. I remember few of them told me that they have sent me a messages and I never received them.