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Fiverr just closed my post about verifying your id thing being stupid

So my post just got closed for no real reason, the post was about how the verify your id thing was really stupid and everyone was pointing out their arguments but fiverr just decided to close it. why? also the verify your id thing really is stupid.


The mods always have a reason for closing topics. Perhaps that topic ran its course, and nothing new was being added to the discussion.

EDIT: Actually, if you notice, a mod did list the reason for your thread being closed:

She (the mod who closed your topic) wrote (at the bottom):

“This post doesn’t seem to be going anywhere except flagville, so lets leave it here.”

That seems like a pretty clear reason to me.

And, for the record, the thread was not “just” closed. It was closed 17 hours ago.


The post that suddenly began getting flagged, I also didn’t understand why or how all those flags appeared.


that’s a stupid reason and also i was using the word “just” in a different context

Take that up with the mods. Their say is final here on the forums, no matter what you may think of them or their actions.

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