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Fiverr just demoted me to level one over one late delivery

Hi fellow sellers!

First time posting on the new fiverr forum. unfortunate i have no positive experience to share. I’m on fiverr since 2015 offering website support in general. I did good and i got bumped to level 1 and level 2 within june/july that year. and from there onward until last Monday i was a level 2 seller. Why did i got demoted? For not maintaining a delivery on time rate above 80%. BUT in my defense i only had couple orders for January and February 2019. one of them, i failed to deliver on time because it took me time to complete. the client was super okay, and left me a good review.
Some of you might say, its no big deal you can work for it again and promote back. But what i want to emphasize is how rudimentary and ignorant fiverr acts on us the sellers. we work our best to maintain our standards, keep our clients happy and ultimately bring in revenue. instead of empowering us the sellers, fiverr is imposing new standards each more ridiculous than the previous and the customer support? yikes! (they force closed the ticket i created on the same without giving me an adequate answer. )

This is how fiverr works now you get the number or you don’t, '‘they’'don’t care what is the reason, if you can’t keep you numbers right you will get demoted.
I got the same issue few months back an d got demoted for one month and then I kept to push by numbers right back and the next month I got my second level badge back!
The only thing you can do is to work hard and don’t be emotional about this issue and you will get back there too.

I really really wish if it was easy as that. I don’t get new orders anymore, for the entirety of 2019 i had only 3 orders, all of it from one client of mine who i keep in touch since 2015. no new clients, no new orders, how are we supposed to get back? Fiverr really need to treat us more than just robots. we bring in the revenue for them. they should know better.