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Fiverr just give me a chance to approve orders


I don’t want unwanted orders placed even when I mention it clearly in my “Instructions to Buyers”. I know this topic has been discussed numerous times, but Fiverr just can’t act on it.


Ah the most requested “feature” makes it to the ranting pot.

Though I cant say I disagree… as long as fiver tracks the amount of orders you reject.


@scottmcfadden: I want a feature that would allow sellers to discuss things with their buyers, and come to a mutually agreed upon cost and time-frame. The seller could then enable buyer to place an order.

No buyer could place an order before seller enables them to do so.

This would avoid buyers placing an orders like “develop a website for $5”, and also requesting something out of sellers’ skill-set.


Really? I’m the opposite. It’s waaaaay easier to cancel an unwanted order than to deal with a ton of back and forth with buyers that want to talk and talk. This is my typical day.

“I already ordered.”

“How do I order?”

“What do you do?”

“How many do I get?”

"Can you do this?"

Seriously, why are buyers so afraid? And why would sellers encourage them to message them?


It’s different for a writer. I have people replying to my ‘security’ questions with “Yeap” and “Yeap!” and I message them only to find out they want 5 characters drawn for $5. They think it’s easy…so I have to convince them that we need to Mutually Cancel, because it’s really not easy. It’s not a big deal really. Sellers that do not want the Approve option, don’t flip that toggle.

I disagree with ramesh in that I want to have a lengthy conversation, or they ‘can’t’ put in their order. I want them to place the order, but if I decide it’s too much for me and they don’t understand then I have the power to Deny the order with no penalty to me.

If I have too many Denies, then my Gig should be looked at and Support should send me a note saying "Hey, your Gig might be worded wrong…you have 400 denies. Fix it."

I’ve had a few people that just refuse to believe I can’t do 5 characters for $5. I tell them I can do the work, but it will be $25, they flip a lid and they don’t want to Mutually Cancel, or they give me a problem with it.


I would love to have an approval system, but like many ideas it isn’t one size fits all. I would like to see Fiverr take current features and new ones and make more of them optional. Just an on-off toggle like having things show in your portfolio or being shown online or not. Or it could be check boxes like we have on gig extras.

The only thing I’m really against is adding silly features that no one asked for or supports just so they can add crap to the site. That makes it harder to navigate. Toggle switches could be made standard and added in the same place and same style next to any feature that isn’t necessary.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I agree with you completely.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I’m sure you get plenty of that as well. I think my next gig video will be a Frequently Asked Questions whiteboard. LOL


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Good idea! Have a llama on the video, people might pay attention for a minute. :wink: