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Fiverr just pulled my most successful gig!

Fiverr pulled a gig I have for stating my rating, fair enough. But they won’t even let me edit the gig to fix it, 30 5* reviews gone like that. Top ten on the searches as well. If they don’t sort this, I’ll leave fiverr, it’s upset me that much!


What was the reason behind this?

Were you breaking ToS?

Your numbers won’t change.

I deleted one of my best sellers that had over 300 ratings.

My totals are still over 600 on my profile.

Your 30 will still remain in your profile total.

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You mean, you included your rank or stars in your gig image/description? Yeah, that’s not permitted. I’m sorry you lost your best gig, but at least now you know better.

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I’m just shocked that they won’t even let me edit it, is this not a bit insane?

I take it you’ve already reached out to support about it, then?