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Fiverr Just Remove My Top Selling Gig

More than 3 months i am running this account. My selling is going well…Today i fulfill All goals of level one seller. But today fiverr just remove my top rated and top selling gig; which is a shocking to me!!!
Note: Fiverr gave me 1s warning more than 1 month ago…So when should and how should i open the gig again?? # Its On summary and writing


We need some details about why your gig was removed. You probably broke their Terms of Service, do you know which part you violated?


If you were offering to write papers for assignments of any kind that is against Fiverr’s TOS and it will get that gig removed.

You cannot open a gig again if it breaks TOS.


But i am selling this gig… almost 3 months… but they removed it today :cry:

I was just writing summary of research paper and solving questions


Try telling the cops the next time they stop you for speeding that you have been doing it for 3 months and ask why they didn’t stop you before. Then ask when you can start speeding again.


Ooof :joy: :joy: :fire:

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@kno010 What a good analogy!

@env_scientist When you signed up for Fiverr 3 months ago you ticked the box that said you read Terms of Service. If you truly had read it, you would see that any service that has to do with doing academic work will eventually be taken down.

I see you may have helped 7 students cheat by doing their school work for them.


Please contact with fiverr support team or check your email they have sent you a mail about that

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@wpressmaster02 The OP posted a picture of the e-mail he got from Fiverr Support. I guessed you missed it. :wink:

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Now forget the your gig and My advice read again the full TOC and start new gig accordingly TOC. ALL THE BEST FOR BEST for you next gig.

There is no such thing as TOC. It’s TOS. My advice to you that you as well go through the TOS. You aren’t even aware of the short form of it.

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So why fiverr keep Research & Summary writing category?

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What would be the point in removing the gig if they would let you recreate it? And why do you think you should be allowed to have a gig that breaks the ToS? Does that really make sense to you?

And why were you selling writing when you can’t even write a phrase correctly? Don’t you think if you’re charging money for something you should actually be proficient at it?

And what was the warning for?


It might be for gig image

Fiverr tells you exactly why it is removed. It also tells you why you got a warning.

Why makes you suspect the image led to the penalty? If you’d like our help you need to give more information.

The one that was denied? Whenever you decide to get yourself permanently banned.


You’re right! It is shocking! Very shocking.

Shocking how you ignored the terms of service.

Shocking how you ignored a warning from Fiverr.

Shocking that you think you can recreate the same gig.

And shocking that you’re looking for sympathy in the forum.


more than shocking… it’s scaring!! they always try to game the system. I can’t tolerate this. gaming and violation of the rules, this ruins anything.


So you are saying that fiverr is not a platform for the Teachers, Researchers and Scientists??