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Fiverr just took away $350 from me because buyer filed a paypal dispute, solutions?


Hi, I just woke up one morning with -$350 in my account. I searched for the reason and fiverr support told me that the client had filed a dispute with paypal and for me to stop working on his order. Problem is, I finished the order about 3 weeks ago and I cashed the money and everything and 3 weeks later, boom, sorry, money away.

This has actually happened 2 or 3 times before, 2 times it was solved and they eventually gave me my money back but once the client simply went away with the money which seemed hard to believe, anyways, that time it was only about $10 but now the same thing is happening with $350!!!

Fiverr support is just saying that they are investigating, worse yet, I remember I had had this problem with the client before but it was eventually fixed and the client bought again, he’s recurrent, he also mentioned something about “wanting to do an order through another account” don’t remember if it was actually this one or another one he opened but this is all very confusing.

Do I have hopes of getting my money back? I’ve had before, but not $350!


what wuerz123 is saying:

Have you contact paypal, to see if they can give you a solution? not sure if the people at CS can do anything when the client complained directly to paypal.


OP is a spanish translator.

But still this is a English Language Forum, so thanks for the translation. :thumbsup:


Sorry this happened to you, this is a post I wrote about the issue. Towards the end there is some info re how to respond. No guarantees unfortunately but try it. Contacting Paypal is not an option really as they will not discuss a Fiverr transaction with you. The dispute is between Paypal and Fiverr, your issue has to go through Fiverr customer support.


I can’t do it because the transaction took place through fiverr, I don’t have any information about it in my paypal, the money that was deducted was deducted in my fiverr account by fiverr, but it happened 3 weeks after the order was delivered which was crazy, I mean, supposedly they are disputing this but I have no more information.


did you challenge the dispute with paypal?