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Fiverr keeps breaking on me


I’ll be clicking through fiverr when all of the sudden, the entire site just goes dead and I get an error page. Whats up with this? Anyone else have that problem? I seen there was an update scheduled for today… What did that do, was anything changed or updated?


Hahahaha…happens to me ALL the time…really annoying when you are in the middle of completing a post, or filling a gig order.


I find that this happens to me as well, but mostly late at nite. I’ve run into this same problem with other sites too, and believe it’s probably due to web maintenance and updating that happens when the fewest number of customers are posted. Usually I wait a few minutes and things get back to normal or I just come back later. Like your stuff ‘thisisrealnifty’… wish I needed your service. Maybe sometime in the future. -Irish