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Fiverr keeps making me "Become a seller"

I just finished becoming a seller and Fiverr took me to a page where I could create my first gig. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to create my first gig yet, so I clicked “Cancel”. When I go to my dashboard, it says “Your user profile is incomplete. Please edit it.” But I filled out every required input field (and some which were not required) while in the process of becoming a seller. When I click “Create a new gig” in my profile, it brings me back to the “Become a seller” page.

Can someone please help?

Hi! I would love to help you out, but it’s a little hard to understand what’s happening. Do you have any screenshots of the problem? Thanks!

This is my dashboard:

When I click “Update Now”, I’m taken to this page:

Screenshot of the page - It seems new users can only include one image in posts.

You can right-click the image and click “Open image in new tab” (in Chrome) or “View image” (in Firefox).

At first I thought I had to Fill in my “Profile Info”, so I selected an option and saved my changes (I did this yesterday) but I’m still facing the problem. So I thought it was because I hadn’t posted any gigs. Therefore I clicked “Create a New Gig.” I was again, taken to the “Become a Seller” page.

Screenshot of the page

The second image you shared, when I scrolled down, the ‘education’ section is empty. Was there suppose to be something there, that didn’t save?

Have you gone into your profile settings through the option when you click your image in the upper right corner? You might be able to fill out additional info through there.


Is the education part required?

It’s not technically required, no, but Fiverr does require a certain percentage of the profile be filled out, and that is often the step that most people who show up on the forums mention stops them from proceeding.

I know that Fiverr requires 65% of it to be filled out, but I’ve filled out 70% of it (by adding my phone number, it was 55% or 60% before I added it).

Sounds like it’s time to reach out and contact CS directly, then. We on the forums are only buyers and sellers like you, and can only guess based on what we’ve experienced or read of other’s experiences.

They cannot approve you as a seller without knowing what you plan to offer. Just follow or repeat the steps all over again and publish/submit a gig. Most of the information should be filled out already.

I had a ‘Your profile is incomplete’ thingy stuck on my dashboard for a month, and until I got my level one. It isn’t much of a problem.

Thanks. I’ve published my first gig! -